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Build Stronger Insurance Sales Teams via Interactive Displays that Boost Meeting-Related Skills and Motivation

  • BenQ
  • 2021-06-17

It’s the start of another week, which means yet another insurance team meeting. The best, most well-led meetings are agenda driven. Agendas help teams stick to a time frame and deliver more meaningful information. However, there’s a lot of ground to cover, such as training and examining new and lost business, client issues, company policies and workflows, open and closed claims, as well as key performance indicators (KPIs). KPIs might include quote, quota and contract rates, number of referrals, bind rates, percentages pending, sales growth, new policies per agency, retention, and policies in-force per agent. As you can see, that’s quite a lot to factor in to a meeting. 

It can be incredibly challenging to present such a large variety of complex information in an effective manner. Some information needs to be shared by many participants and from many sources, such as device applications, websites, and various software as a service (SaaS) items. Added to that is the challenge that one piece of information from one stream may need to be compared with another stream. All these moving parts drain time and attention when participants have to pass around an HDMI cable in a conference room or constantly alternate the person sharing their screen on a video conference platform. With the right display technology, insurance teams not only ensure that their meetings run as efficiently as possible, but also jump start improved presentation skills and overall motivation.

BenQ DuoBoard Rejuvenates Meeting Agendas and Energizes Teams

BenQ 4K UHD CP Series DuoBoard interactive displays breathe fresh air into meetings. The series was created from the ground up to power immersive meetings. With DuoBoard, everyone on the team is engaged because they can contribute and tap into all the systems that provide key metrics and data. The all-in-one, easy-to-use interactive displays come integrated with a full HD video camera, two 10W speakers, a 16W subwoofer, and a precision six-microphone array. This eliminates the burden of teams learning how to operate separate technology components and is perfectly suited for capturing audio and video from the entire room so nothing is missed.

video conferencing with duo windows

Exciting Meetings are the New Normal

BenQ is the only manufacturer providing interactive displays that allow teams to access content from anywhere, display multiple windows of information on a screen, and create and save documents that drive business. Users can start meetings from their laptop or other personal device, or directly from the interactive display using any video conferencing platform. That includes Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, Zoom RingCental, and others. The interactive display also features InstaShare wireless presentation technology, which enables two-way mirroring between DuoBoard and mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Up to nine attendee screens can be displayed simultaneously with synchronized, lag-free audio and video streaming. DuoBoard interactive displays also support two-way touch control on Windows and macOS platforms, allowing mirrored content to be controlled through the interactive display or a user’s personal device.

DuoBoard’s large 20-point touch antimicrobial screen provides plenty of room to share dashboards, spreadsheets, documents, websites, apps, and more. And all that while video conferencing at the same time. For greater flexibility, organizations can connect two DuoBoards to create an immersive uninterrupted interactive surface that’s large enough for even the most intense meeting visualization needs. The interactive display’s Duo OS switches seamlessly between various operating systems for more collaboration and achieves cross-platform compatibility among Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows.

collaboration with four split windows

Cloud-Driven and Application Agnostic Means Freedom

Meetings become more exciting when everyone can join in. DuoBoard acts as a creative and productive hub where it doesn’t matter if you’re in the conference room or joining remotely. Participants can contribute and share when they need to without any undue hurdles. Team members access data, documents, and information from any application or cloud-based service, including Google Drive and Dropbox via the BenQ AMS, or Account Management Solution. Users benefit from the display’s intuitive annotation tools to write on top of any content, whether it’s an app interface, video, website, document or image, and easily create new documents. Users can collect, categorize, edit, and share notes between the interactive display and their mobile devices or laptops effortlessly.

Meetings have gotten a bad rap, but they’re a vital part of business that impacts the bottom line and customer service. DuoBoard makes them fun and exciting again. When participants are engaged and share in new ways, it helps increase competence, motivation, and business success.