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Capitalize on Government Investment into Education

  • BenQ
  • 2016-11-25
Explosive Market Potential in UK Education

Among the hottest areas in technology, interactive display sales are continuing strong double-digit growth. Accelerating this momentum, UK education minister pledged this year to invest £41 million to improve math skills, the lack of which is estimated to cost the UK economy the equivalent of 1.3% of GDP or £20bn per year. The move is aimed to improve maths instruction among UK primary school students who rank just 26th in the world in PISA (Program of International Student Assessment) maths scores, by adopting East Asian-style teaching methods used by leading performers.

What This Large Opportunity Means for You

The investment will focus on the mastery approach, smart classroom technology and interactive displays, as shown by China consuming half of all global interactive display sales with 36% interactive display penetration, higher than Europe and most of the world. (Futuresource 2015). Chinese-style maths education being deployed to over 8,000 UK schools indicates tens of thousands of classrooms requiring new interactive displays and replacements for aging interactive whiteboards. Having led the world in smart classrooms in 2007, all UK K-12 classrooms currently have interactive whiteboards which are now 10 years old. Replacement interactive display sales are already rivaling new installations, which will also increase with the new funding.

Keys to Winning in This Market

Smart partnerships mean everything in winning smart classroom opportunities. BenQ is the sole interactive display provider that can help you win tender bids with our expertise in these areas:

● Clear insight into the education market and your specific needs

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● Human engineering and eye-care technology for healthy learning environments