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How to Use BenQ RM Series Interactive Displays?

  • BenQ
  • 2021-06-04

We have a video dedicated to showcasing our ClassroomCare RM series of interactive flat panels, but thought many of the features could use further elaboration. As the RM series offers myriad functionalities to teachers and students in diverse learning environments, we believe it’s imperative customers get the most out of each and every feature, spec, and benefit.

Get started by watching the concise yet informative RM series how-to video. Here is it:

The guide video offers a good look at getting to know the ins and outs of interactive displays, helping teachers ensure better engagement in the classroom and improved results for students and schools overall.

The rest of this article serves as a companion to the video, going through segments for added clarity.

Panel Operating System and Navigation

Introduces the intuitive Android-based operating system of the RM series and the main features and functions teachers frequently use. Among the most important parts of this section are network settings and configuration. Teachers should get familiar with networking to make the most of the always-connected design of the RM series and the effortless way interactive displays work within a school’s network.

BenQ EZWrite Annotation App

EZWrite acts as an annotation app with numerous tools for teachers to leverage in different class situations. The video looks at virtual pens, the useful toolbox, and the very handy floating toolbar, which can be positioned anywhere on the screen. We also explain how to manually check for the latest EZWrite Lite version (build 4.1 as of the making of this video), and look into QR code-based content transfer to internal and external storage.

Improved and Updated RM Series Panels

New RM series models for 2021 feature the latest in interactive panel technology, and we explain how that benefits teachers, students, and schools. While the materials and manufacturing techniques could use very long videos of their own, what matters in-class are the many ways better screens make for better learning.

Intuitive Usage

Despite their large size, RM series interactive flat panels offer the ease of use of any Android device. They’re essentially giant tablets up to 86” in screen size, and thus immediately familiar to teachers and students alike. There’s no time-consuming learning curve, no training needed, an no dependence on an already-busy IT crew.

Eye-Care Solutions

While integrating an interactive panel as the focal platform of a class works wonders, it also increases exposure by students and teachers to digital screens, a known risk factor for eye health. That’s why the BenQ RM series ships with several Eye-Care protective measures. They include the effective filtering of potentially harmful blue light and a flicker-free panel design. Additionally, the RM series features a durable anti-glare coating that prevents distracting reflections, which also contribute to eye fatigue if allowed, for example on lesser or generic interactive displays.

BenQ Flicker-Free Interactive Display


BenQ Low Blue Light Interactive Display

Low Blue Light

BenQ Anti-Glare Interactive Display


More About EZWrite

BenQ RM Series

The full version of BenQ EZWrite is actually an entire software suite and definitely more than just an annotation app. We could write entire articles about EZWrite and the many ways it boosts engagement and class productivity. The how-to video touches on EZWrite quickly, showcasing the powerful toolbox among many other features. We recommend you take a look at this video for info on the latest features included with the full version of EZWrite.

Series Comparison

We provide all the details and specs for an informed purchase decision. To better contextualize the RM series, we compare models from the range with our own, more feature-rich RP series.

  RP02 Series RM02K Series
RP02 Series
65", 75", 86"
RM02K Series
55", 65", 75", 86"
Cloud Teaching Tools*
RP02 Series
RM02K Series
Buil-in Microphone
RP02 Series
Yes, 8 array microphones
RM02K Series
RP02 Series
Convenient Front-Facing HDMI, USB, USB Type-C, Audio In
RM02K Series
Side-Facing HDMI, VGA, USB, Audio In
Tap 'N Teach NFC login
RP02 Series
RM02K Series
Germ Resistant Screen
RP02 Series
RM02K Series
Eye-Care Technology**
RP02 Series
Smart Eye-Care**
RM02K Series
Air Quality Sensor
RP02 Series
Yes, including CO2, PM2.5, PM10
RM02K Series

RP02 Series and RM02K Series Interactive Displays are covered by 3 years warranty with on-site exchange

*Cloud Teaching Tools include: 

  • EZWrite digital whiteboarding and cloud annotation tool
  • Instrashare screen mirroring software
  • Account Management System 
  • Device Management Solution
  • X-Sign Broadcast message broadcasting software

** Eye-Care Technology include:

  • Blue light filter
  • Flicker-free screen
  • Anti-Glare Glass

  • Smart Eye-Care includes proximity sensor

Get Ready for Better Interaction

From protecting health to promoting engagement and productivity, all BenQ interactive flat panels deliver superior 4K displays with a robust fusion of hardware and software features. RM series models are available in four sizes, and we’re sure there’s one to fully meet your needs.

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