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How You Can Turn Any Projector, Interactive Whiteboard, or Display Into a Four-Way Split Screen Teaching Machine?

  • BenQ
  • 2021-02-22
The InstaShow WDC20E offers split-screen technology on nearly any classroom display

New wireless screen mirroring devices can enable the latest split-screen technology like you might see in a corporate boardroom – at a price that any school can afford. According to the Techie Teacher website, split screens can assist in boosting classroom productivity by:

  • Enabling more effective comparing and contrasting teaching 
  • Showing photos or videos alongside a presentation
  • Showing multiple documents when researching a topic

Teachers can now implement effective split-screen learning techniques that are showing tremendous promise throughout the country. The new BenQ InstaShow WDC20E wireless presentation system can now display any HDMI source on a four-way split screen including Chromebooks, document cameras, media players, and even STEM devices on any projector or interactive display.

Comparing and Contrasting

When the White House Situation Room was remodeled in 2007, one of the major technology improvements was the use of split-screen technology for better and faster decision making. Using the same approach of comparing and contrasting data, photographs, and other information can be used by teachers to improve student engagement to become active participants in their learning.

Use Photo’s and Videos to Support Your Lessons

Most classrooms have document camera’s to help teachers show 3D objects and share more effectively. With split-screen technology on a display, you can put your live document camera right next to your Smart notebook lesson or presentation to help students understand more complex concepts. For STEM classes, you can display both the program code used to control the device – as well as a camera stream to show how new code will change the device.

Showing Multiple Documents – From Different Devices

With word processors and other software, you can have multiple windows open – but with an InstaShow WDC20E, you can have four different computers, tablets, or phones showing multiple documents, infographics, and screenshots at the same time. This enables a teacher or student group to use the same type of collaboration tools as a corporate boardroom or government agency.

How Much Does Classroom Split-Screen Technology Cost?

While traditional split-screen technology like that used in the White House is quite expensive, the InstaShow WDC20E can be purchased by a school on a first time buy price of just $699. Because of its unique design, there is no special installation needed, doesn’t need any extra software, and doesn’t use the school network. Just plug it in, and start presenting!

Want to Try One Out in Your Classroom?

BenQ has a special program for schools that want to test out the InstaShow WDC20E wireless presentation system without having to purchase the unit right away.   Just try it out for 30 days, and if you like it – you can purchase it at a special discounted price as a thank you for giving it a try.  Just fill out the form below, and we will get started on getting you a unit.

Don`t just take our word for it, get a FREE DEMO and try InstaShow for yourself!