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How to Choose an Energy-Saving Projector to Optimize Costs for Small and Medium Business?

  • BenQ
  • 2024-03-20
How to Choose an Energy-Saving Projector to Optimize Costs for Small and Medium Business


Going green isn't just a trend—it's a corporate strategy. Over the past decade, businesses have sought to reduce their environmental impact and cut costs by shrinking their carbon footprint. Eco-friendly office spaces are a key part of this strategy. Projectors, as central tools in modern offices, should be part of any green initiative. However, for many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), choosing an energy-saving projector isn't straightforward. It requires understanding the types of projectors available and assessing the office space. 
This article will outline the factors businesses should consider before making the switch.

What type of light sources are available for projectors and how do they differ?

Projectors in general are categorized based on the type of light source they use, with almost all the projectors on the market falling into three categories: lamp projectors, LED projectors, and laser projectors.


Lamp projectors

Lamp projectors are the traditional projectors most people are used to. They utilize high-pressure mercury bulbs to pump out the light used to create the projected image. While they have served much of the business world and educational institutions for decades, they are at quite a disadvantage when it comes to being energy efficient, as the nature of the bulbs they use and the warm-up and cool-down time needed for each and every time they are used results in exorbitant energy use.   

LED projectors

LED projectors are a type of solid-state illumination (SSI) projector that utilizes LEDs to produce light for projected images, offering energy efficiency due to LEDs' lower power consumption and instant on-and-off capabilities. Despite their energy efficiency, LED projectors maintain high-quality image colors and have a longer lifespan compared to traditional lamp projectors, reducing maintenance/replacement costs.


Laser projectors

Laser projectors are a type of SSI projector that utilizes lasers as their light source. As an SSI projector, laser projectors share many of the same benefits LED projectors do including instant on and off capabilities, low energy consumption, and longer lifespans. Outside of these benefits, laser projectors – because of the high-powered nature of their light source – are able to hit very high brightness levels as well as high contrast levels, combining to produce top-notch visuals.

What level of brightness does each light source provide?

business projectors for large spaces and meeting rooms
business projectors for large spaces and meeting rooms


Different light sources result in varying brightness levels, influencing a projector's energy efficiency. Laser projectors, being the brightest, are ideal for large spaces like conference rooms. However, smaller settings like SMB meeting rooms may not require such powerful and costly projectors.

How does the way in which the projector is used factor into the equation?

SSI projectors are ideal for conference rooms, education, and entertainment
SSI projectors are ideal for conference rooms, education, and entertainment


Understanding the intended usage of a projector is crucial for organizations to choose the right one, as different types are better suited for specific scenarios. Apart from brightness, factors like instant on/off capability influence suitability for different spaces. SSI projectors (LED and laser) are ideal for various settings, including conference rooms, education, and entertainment, due to their lack of warm-up or cool-down times.


For more details on the other benefits of lamp-free (SSI) projectors.

What other energy saving feature is available for projectors?

SmartEco automatically adjusts brightness based on the projected content


In addition to eco-friendly hardware, projectors feature firmware with power-saving capabilities. These include modes like SmartEco, which automatically adjusts brightness based on the projected content. For brighter scenes, it maintains a higher brightness level, reducing it for darker scenes. This enhances energy efficiency without compromising image quality, a feature particularly notable in BenQ projectors.

Does the type of projector used matter for energy saving modes?

SSI projectors are ideal for conference rooms, education, and entertainment

SmartEco: With lamp light source / Next-Gen SmartEco: SmartEco: With SSI light source


The responsiveness of a projector's light source affects its energy-saving features like SmartEco mode. LED and laser projectors excel in this regard, quickly adjusting brightness levels for efficient energy use. The graph below illustrates such a scenario, where a lamp projector slightly lags behind an SSI with a next-gen SmartEco projector in transitioning between various brightness levels based on the type of projected content. What this means is that the next-gen SmartEco projector will deliver faster and better picture quality than a lamp projector.



When choosing an eco-friendly projector, SMBs should weigh the advantages and disadvantages of different light sources and consider the specific needs of their space. BenQ SmartEco provides significant benefits such as energy efficiency, cost savings, and optimal color and contrast performance. By making informed decisions, businesses can ensure high performance while conserving energy and contributing to environmental sustainability.