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How Do You Grow Your Restaurant Business during Customer Wait Times

  • BenQ
  • 2016-09-29

According to a research conducted by the DIGITIMES, restaurants that use digital signage to display menus can expect profits, after the breakeven point, at 6 months to three years. What contributes to this fast return on investment? Digital menu boards can increase customer engagement by 50% and decrease customer dissatisfaction due to wait times by 15% when compared with traditional menus.

Benefits of a Digital Menu Board:

● Easily change or update digital menu boards to comply with new healthcare laws  (USA) 
● Adding new menu items or changing pricing is just a few clicks away
● Upsell/ No more “Do you want fries and a drink with that?”
● Reduce perceived wait times
● More marketing material (video / QR code / social media ) can entertain and enhance the customer experience
● Brand Consistency
● Reduce printing, shipping and training costs 

Taking into consideration that 40-70% of purchases at fast food chain restaraunts are impulse purchases, the introduction of digital signage displays to replace traditional menu boards can effectively increase sales. Research also shows that promotional items displayed on digital menu boards can double or triple sales. Stores can now adjust menu content to reflect the weather and time of day to create more targeted ads. The delivery of commercials, promotional offers and menu items in the most effective way requires a flexible software framework and digital content integration.

For clients, the ability to customize their own content must be easy and flexible. Examples include: changing menu items, adding caloric information to meals, scheduling changes according to time of day or special holidays and events. A cloud management platform that allows for the altering of prices, commercials and product items, with a simple user-interface (contents can be edited by a simple drag and drop) and a remote management system are also essential.

Most importantly, restaurants can concentrate on preparing exceptional meals and providing excellent customer service while the digital boards handle the rest. Not only will this result in reduced training costs, but employers can expect to see increased customer acquisition and retention rates.