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Do You Know Wireless Connectivity and BYOD Are the Future of Smarter Workplaces?

  • BenQ
  • 2016-09-29

In the future, Smart Meeting Rooms, an intelligent integration of hardware and software technologies will redefine the corporate environment. System integrators (SI) will face an increasing number of challenges to build information systems with hardware and software products. For smaller-sized system integrators, the challenge is to meet clients’ needs to merge IT and AV systems, providing them with an integrated solution. We are witnessing an increasing trend of employees bringing their own device (BYOD) to work as more and more Millennials are entering the workforce. To allow for effective communication in the meeting room, new innovating technologies have been developed to allow for a rapid delivery of information with the use of one’s own device. As the leading expert in display, BenQ has implemented both IT and AV technologies to offer meeting members to swiftly connect to a wireless, instant and intuitive presentation system without having to setup a wireless connection in the meeting room. To ensure the protection of intellectual and private information, wireless connections in the meeting room should use AES 128-bit security encryption and WPA2.

You will learn:

● Smart Employees’ Stylish Mobile in the Enterprise
● What is driving BYOD growth?
● BYOD Opportunities & Challenges
● Enterprise Security Survey