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BYOD Isn’t Just a Policy: Is Your Company BYOD-Friendly?

  • BenQ
  • 2018-11-30

Over the past few years, “bring your own device” (BYOD) has become ubiquitous in the business world. Statistics show that more than 76% employees bring their own devices, such as laptops, smartphones and tablets, to work. Furthermore, a global survey found that companies with a BYOD policy save an average of 37 minutes per employee every week. That means a business with 200 people could save over 6000 hours every year!

Individuals also benefit from BYOD. Research also shows more than 50% of employees feel more productive and comfortable when working with their own device, and that they can finish work faster when using familiar equipment.

Is Your Meeting Room Keeping Up with the Trend?

Although switching to BYOD boosts efficiency, the path to get there is not without obstacles. Everyone has experienced the frustration of hunting for a charger or discovering they don’t have the proper adapter to connect to a display. These problems are annoying enough for a single person, but they’re exacerbated when it’s time to have a meeting. There’s always someone in the meeting room fumbling to find the right cable for a presentation, creating awkward silences and wasting everyone’s time. Situations like these demonstrate that it’s not sufficient to merely create a BYOD policy. Proper implementation also requires BYOD-friendly equipment.

BenQ Wireless Projection Solutions – Evolve Your Meetings

To meet all the needs created by the BYOD trend, BenQ has developed new devices that work in tandem with their wireless projection solutions. The first is QCast Mirror, a wireless dongle designed to share content from mobile devices. Just plug it in to a projector’s HDMI port, pair the devices, and you’re ready to start sharing your presentation from your phone or tablet. And because QCast Mirror requires no software or apps it facilitates immediate screen sharing, making it suitable for small, quick discussions.

When you need to host a large conference with multiple presenters, BenQ’s InstaShow is the perfect solution. Boasting super simple plug-and-play operation, InstaShow requires absolutely no drivers or software. Just click the button to start your presentation. It also supports up to 16 simultaneous connected devices, which means no more time wasted waiting for presenters to setup their laptops near the projector, plug in cables, connect to a receiver, and so on. Just plug and play and let the efficiency of InstaShow amaze you.

Furthermore, to maximize the effectiveness of meetings and conferences it’s essential to have a projector that delivers clear, crisp images. Equipped with BlueCore lasers and exclusive color adjustment technology, BenQ Corporate Laser Projectors can show more than 90% of the sRGB spectrum, ensuring that the hard work you put into creating a spectacular presentation won’t be lost in the meeting room. Whether you want to share detail-rich images or insightful infographics, BenQ Corporate Laser Projectors will display your content with clarity and accuracy that will ensure your presentation shines!

By combining excellent image quality with the wireless presentation functionality of QCast Mirror and InstaShow, BenQ’s wireless projection solutions will make your business truly BYOD friendly. So bring your own device and have a great meeting!