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How Adding Wireless Presentation Systems Enhances Your Unified Communications

  • BenQ
  • 2021-03-30

As global work and business patterns evolve, whether due to changing lifestyles or emergent events like COVID-19, so do the tools enterprises need to maintain team cohesion and productivity. As of early to mid-2021, the demand for flexibility at the workplace is higher than ever. Many employees work remotely from home. Even within offices, the emphasis on social distancing may mean team members join meetings and other sessions from different parts of the building, and possibly aren’t available to attend in one meeting room.


Streamlining employee interaction and ensuring a central conduit for knowledge exchange presents a major challenge at the workplace. And that’s where unified communications enter the picture, to deliver platforms that overcome hurdles to continuous cooperation among team members.


The concept of unified communications is now more important than ever before, bridging the gap between remote and on-site employees while enabling ever more popular hybrid meetings. 

What are Unified Communications?

As the term implies, this is a broad definition that combines a variety of tools, approaches, and technologies to create a system based on hardware and services. Unified communications (UC) bring various components within a specific business together to improve the exchange of information and ideas and bolster continuity. Typically, UC combine video conferencing, voice messaging, cloud services, and file sharing. These are the most popular applications, though specifics may vary by business and organization. 

Why are Unified Communications So Essential?

UC help teams overcome physical distances and other obstacles to continue co-working seamlessly. Communications become more intuitive, flexible, and prompt. Meetings take a turn for the more efficient and effective. And because the user experience associated with UC is more enjoyable and intuitive than more traditional and de-centralized approaches, individual team member productivity increases. Employees get more done, and faster. By most metrics, businesses that implement a unified communications solution see a boost in performance. 

What is a Wireless Presentation System?

A compact but ultra-versatile device like the BenQ InstaShow wireless presentation system provides everything you need to get your office unified communications system started. With the touch of a single button, you bring together numerous team members across different device types, from Android tablets to iOS devices, Windows laptops, and Mac. 

How Does Wireless Presentation Fit in a Unified Communications System?

Since wireless presentation platforms like InstaShow enable effortless screen mirroring and video conferencing, you’re almost all the way through to establishing unified communications, without much more needed, actually. Whether remotely or locally on a big screen, or a combination of both, wireless presentation makes sharing screens and content not just possible but ultra-easy. Changing presenters or inviting people to participate is also a breeze, and takes a split second. That encourages active engagement, without falling into the traps of cable messes, device incompatibilities, or missing adapters. People don’t even need to change seats.

To promote knowledge and communication continuity, with a good wireless presentation system everyone involved has access to all shared content so that no one misses out. Plus sessions can easily be recorded for future reference. 

The Heart of a Good Unified Communications Setup

While more goes into a UC topology, to be frank a wireless presentation system serves as the core of most effective setups. Covering essentials like device connectivity, voice, video, and file sharing, wireless presentation systems provide almost everything you need for unified communications.


Learn More about how to implement InstaShow wireless presentation systems as a part of a unified communications system with this guide.