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5 Must-Have Characteristics for the Partners for AV System Integrators.

  • BenQ
  • 2017-05-15

From the outside, it seems that AV systems integration is all about cables and networking protocols, but it is more than that. AV systems integrators are masters in creating a communications ecosystem. They make good and smooth meetings possible. Ironically, it’s often the case that the better you are at what you do, the more invisible you are. When the system you implement proceeds flawlessly and you barely receive any network maintenance demand, things in the office will run smoothly while your efforts remain unnoticed.

When things stop working in the office, that’s when you move to the top of everyone’s priority list, and in some cases, you are called in to solve a crisis right before a client presentation. The best hardware can help you weather the storm.

Before you invest in the next AV system, make sure that the partners you choose possess these five critical traits:

1) A complete range of products that are reliably in stock

2) Compatibility among existing devices

3) Extensive distribution network with reliable post sales services

4) Recurring revenue opportunities through software licensing and customization

5) Compete on quality and offer competitive pricing 

Here’s a closer look at each trait:

1. Complete Range That’s In Stock

According The Reseller Network, the best supplier should be “able to supply additional products as well as reducing the need to work with numerous suppliers.” The fewer vendors you have to evaluate, the lower your resource cost for the final integration is. Your supplier must be large enough to meet your current capacity requirements while offering plenty of room to accommodate growth. If they hope to meet optimal delivery schedules, the equipment must be in stock, but not on back order. Look for vendors who are able to provide many different types of meeting room solutions, including interactive flat panels (IFPs) and business projectors that can be used anywhere when no screen is available.

2. Cross Device Compatibility

You can’t think of everything, but you can prepare your team for just about anything with a simple device-pairing hardware, such as BenQ’s InstaShow™ . Up to 16 presenters can begin simultaneous collaboration instantly, with no software needed and a wide OS compatibility.

Even when no conference room is available, or the audience size is too big, InstaShow can still keep the meeting rolling. It significantly boosts corporate productivity and reduces dependence on IT support. There’s no better way to ensure maximum capability for the greatest number of display and input devices.

Also, the Multiple Display Administrator (MDA) software allows IT personnel to remotely control multiple displays and projectors in real-time. MDA software supports not only BenQ’s devices but also a wide range of third party display products.

3. Distribution Network

Having distribution partners who understand your problems and have the capacity to offer timely support for the hardware are essential attributes of great suppliers. That’s one of the conclusions made by the American Society for Quality. They recommend companies to look for “Technical support availability and willingness to participate as a partner in developing and optimizing design and a long-term relationship."

BenQ works with a vast distributor network including partners like Ingram Micro, M&A Technology and the Synnex Corporation. Authorized re-sellers include Amazon Fulfillment and the BenQ Integrators Choice network extends to ASF Productions and Master Audio Visual, among many others.

4. Licensing and Customization

Supply chains are more complex now than ever. You might find your business competing with your supplier or partnering with a customer. One thing that’s certain is that you can’t survive outside a supportive partner network. BenQ gives their partners many options for applications that can both simplify meetings and bring back recurring revenue from customers.

One of the most versatile software solutions is Zoom, a cloud-based service that streamlines online meetings, group messaging and discussion management. Like the best online teleconferencing sites, Zoom gives customers a one-click-to-start interface and an app for mobile users, bringing everyone together in a virtual meeting. It works with devices including the whole BenQ IFP Series, PCs from most major brands, and most mobile devices. Your clients will stay on the same page throughout the meeting because Zoom includes real-time screen sharing, annotating and audio/video recording as part of the package.

5. Competitive Pricing

There are two components to exceptional value: a market-equivalent pricing and market-leading innovative solutions. A great example is Google Jamboard , available only through BenQ and their partners. Jamboard is on the leading edge of collaboration technology, combining a digital whiteboard, a HD teleconference hub and Google’s wide range of productivity software.

What makes Jamboard even more valuable, though, is that it’s priced within small businesses’ reach. Jamboard is entering the market at $4,999 USD and comes with two digital styluses and an eraser. In the initial stage, the wall mount will be included as a promotion. Customers can add a stand on wheels to take Jamboard anywhere it needs to go.

Supplying Your Growth Plan

Recently, warned about AV integration by saying that “If you don't make selecting good suppliers and vendors a part of your growth plan, you're likely to regret it.” Instead, start your next AV device search on BenQ’s website . BenQ is an industry-leading supplier with a complete range of product lines that include Google Jamboard, BenQ IFPs and plenty of other gadgets to simplify corporate meeting for the next generation of mobile presenters.