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5 Critical Factors for Enterprises to Choose the Right Digital Whiteboard

  • BenQ
  • 2017-05-31

Having a great idea isn't the same as being able to communicate a great idea effectively. The key to winning hearts, minds and customers is a great presentation, and your clients are well aware of the fact. They are extremely specific about the interactive whiteboards they choose because it has a lot to do with their revenues.

Having the right technologies in meeting rooms can spark new levels of collaboration, get stakeholders motivated and encourage everyone to contribute their best efforts. Top enterprises in every industry find professional meeting rooms to be the foundation of a competitive advantage.

Below, you’ll find the five critical factors that most enterprises consider when selecting new interactive flat panels (IFP) for whiteboard presentations. For each factor, BenQ, the exclusive enterprise partner for Google Jamboard , has an IFP or other technological solutions that can present to your clients.

1. Simplicity

Traditional whiteboards remain popular for so long because they facilitate the smooth flow of ideas. All users have to do is to grab a marker and start sketching out a plan. The problem is that ideas are not always clear on a whiteboard. Anyone who isn't physically present at the time needs someone to reiterate the idea again afterwards.

Digital whiteboards are just as simple to use as traditional whiteboards, but with the additional feature of making it easy to share on-screen content. BenQ’s EZWrite4.0 annotation app, preinstalled on the RP750K IFP, makes this a reality. EZWrite4.0 contains a range of comprehensive tools for collaboration and presentation that can foster efficient and engaging brainstorming sessions with partners across the world. RP750K features a huge 75-inch 4K UHD display – so ideas can be presented with crystal clarity.

2. Built-in Software

The ideal interactive whiteboard is a plug-and-play device that comes with all the necessary software and NFCPen while being able to save the screen, print out on-screen content or share everything via email or QR code.

Google Jamboard is a 55-inch 4K touchscreen on wheels that can be rolled to wherever it is needed. Preloaded with Google’s cloud-based collaboration app, G Suite, presenters can pull documents from Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets and many other apps.

3. Diverse Features

Smart enterprises save money by selecting devices that have a wide range of features. BenQ’s IFPs have pre-loaded video-conferencing software, Zoom that turns BenQ IFPs into collaborative platforms. Zoom adds cloud meeting features to all BenQ IFPs, bringing together features for video conferencing, simple online meetings, and group messaging and discussion management.

Another device with diverse features is Google Jamboard, the best digital whiteboard that can effortlessly switch between presentation screens and monitors for two-way video conferencing. This is also where Google Jamboard can save the day. If a coworker or customer at another location needs to join, he or she can launch Google Hangouts teleconference. Participants on mobile devices can access the presentation through the Jamboard app that comes with real-time display of images, text and drawings as they are presented.

4. Interoperability

In the IFP market, some devices are only able to load presentations through USB ports, but many enterprises are cutting back on the use of USB connectivity for security reasons.

Some enterprises choose to facilitate document transfers through security software active on the network. These clients send presentations through a hotspot behind a firewall or to a virtual private network (VPN).

It’s simple to integrate BenQ IFPs with any communication setup your clients adopt. BenQ IFPs can easily assist wireless presentations by streaming content from any laptop or mobile device.

5. Cost

You may be surprised to see this factor appear so low on the list when it's the first concern of many clients. The fact is that some of your clients may only look at upfront costs as they enter the market when they should really be focusing on ROI.

Problem solving has to come before price consideration. Does the company need to pick up slow sales or put an end to project failures caused by unproductive collaborations? If clients purchase devices that lack the essential features they need to overcome their roadblocks, they will only generate more unnecessary expenses down the line.

The Presentation Solution Center

Every enterprise client comes to the table with a unique set of challenges and goals. Get in touch with the presentation solution experts at BenQ to review the full range of AV system solutions and gadgets that your clients might need, from projectors to IFPs. BenQ also offers online tools to help you make sales – such as the Projector Calculator , which suggests model numbers and screen sizes based on what the client is trying to achieve, and BenQ VR Demo Kit app that visualizes how a BenQ display fits in your desired space. BenQ is the one-stop solution provider that offers any digital device your clients may need in order to raise efficiency and productivity during corporate meetings.