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BenQ Joins the Azure Certified Device Program to Help Businesses Find the Right Device to Support IoT Goals

  • BenQ
  • 2021-05-11
BenQ Announces the CS Series Corporate Meeting Room Display
BenQ’s CP Series DuoBoard is Now An Azure Certified Device, Validating Its Exceptional Performance and Compatibility with Azure’s Cloud Services

COSTA MESA, Calif. — May 11, 2021 — BenQ, an internationally renowned provider of visual display and collaboration solutions, has joined Microsoft’s Azure Certified Device program, ensuring customers can get IoT (Internet of Things) solutions up and running quickly with hardware and software that has been tested and verified to work with Azure IoT. The CP Series DuoBoard 4K UHD premium interactive displays are the first of BenQ’s robust display family to be validated as an Azure Certified Device, assuring users they can easily connect with Azure IoT solutions from the display and is fully interoperable with Azure’s cloud services and capabilities.

“Businesses today demand fast, convenient access to new sources of data from multiple screens in order to make critical decisions. As the leading corporate solutions provider, we want to ensure that decision makers are empowered with the end-to-end solutions that can tap into this information with the ease, flexibility, and swiftness that drives value,” says Claire Huang, director of BenQ's Cloud Innovation Center. “Having both the DuoBoard and our slot-in PCs be part of the Azure Certified Device program reinforces BenQ’s commitment to our corporate customers and allows them to seamlessly fulfill their IoT project requirements.”

The Advantages of BenQ Azure Certified Devices   In the pursuit of simplifying and accelerating IoT projects, companies are looking for effective ways to choose and connect the right set of devices, assets, or sensors to the cloud. To jumpstart IoT projects with confidence, customers will be able to choose BenQ certified devices and platforms that are tested for readiness, compatibility, and usability. As a result, users can speed up decisions with solutions that are interoperable with Azure IoT.

Azure-Certified DuoBoard Ready for IoT   BenQ’s CP Series DuoBoard interactive displays and OPS slot-in PCs have been tested for functionality and interoperability, ensuring that these devices have used the Microsoft reference configuration. This decreases the amount of customization and additional work required to guarantee system compatibility.

Designed to allow meeting participants to freely brainstorm, collaborate, and create on screen with built-in applications and cloud-based tools and capabilities, DuoBoard empowers businesses and organizations. With the DuoBoard, teams can easily do cloud whiteboarding, wireless presentations, and video conferencing all from one display. Equipped with an OPS slot PC, teams can fully utilize Windows features directly from the screen. Organizations can connect two DuoBoards together to create an immersive uninterrupted interactive surface that’s large enough for even the most demanding projects.

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