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TCI Boosts Communication Efficiency with the BenQ Instashow Multi-User Wireless Presentation System

  • BenQ
  • 2018-11-13
TCI Boosts Communication Efficiency with the BenQ Instashow Multi-User Wireless Presentation System

As presentation technology evolves and the number of personal devices grows, ensuring cables and connectors are always up-to-date and in working condition has become increasingly burdensome. For a corporation like TCI Co., LTD, which in addition to giving presentations from company laptops also frequently hosts guests with their own smart phones and tablets, compatibility and stability were becoming serious issues. TCI’s meeting room technology struggled to keep up with the company’s brisk pace of business and frequent equipment failure during presentations was leading to both embarrassment and wasted time.


While looking for wireless presentation solutions, TCI discovered that BenQ’s InstaShow fit their needs perfectly. With BenQ’s help, TCI installed InstaShow in all of its meeting rooms, trading in wired clutter for simple, sleek wireless presentation technology.


TCI was impressed by InstaShow’s ease-of-use and by how it streamlines the process of switching between presenters. TCI is continuing to install InstaShow units in meeting spaces as needed and plans to deploy the system in its China offices in 2019.

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An integrated bioscience company redesigns its meeting rooms to make ideas flow more smoothly


Founded nearly 40 years ago as Ta Chiang International Co., Ltd, TCI was no stranger to change. Since being established in Taipei, Taiwan, TCI had grown to become an international company with more than 800 employees worldwide. Focusing on supplying medical and cosmetic products to global markets, TCI had built quite a legacy. While building this legacy, however, TCI had also accumulated years and years’ worth of outdated legacy equipment. Furthermore, advancing technology brought technical challenges, such as the need to have a multitude of cables in meeting rooms so as to be prepared for presentations from any device.

TCI’s meeting rooms were equipped with connectors and adapters that allowed staff members to present from their preferred devices. They had VGA, HDMI, and Micro HDMI cables for connecting laptops and smart devices to displays and projectors, as well as Apple TV boxes for sharing content from iPhones and iPads. It seemed every device needed a different kind of cable, and the cables would often fail due to frequent use. Worse yet, because the cables were often hidden inside walls and ceilings, when they failed they were difficult to replace. Around 2016, TCI started to consider that perhaps they needed a newer, more elegant solution.


While looking for wireless presentation solutions, TCI found BenQ InstaShow in iThome Weekly, a Taiwanese magazine that focuses on the hottest tech. The article described it as a wireless presentation device that would banish cable clutter from the meeting room while also facilitating instant switching between presenters. Intrigued, TCI contacted BenQ to inquire about the device and BenQ soon came over to TCI’s offices to demonstrate. After watching BenQ’s demonstration, TCI was convinced that it had finally found the presentation solution that it had long been looking for.

The most immediate improvement InstaShow brought was simplicity. Built to work with any OS and hardware, InstaShow allowed TCI to streamline its meeting room design and say goodbye to the mess of hidden cables. It also let TCI get rid of proprietary wireless solutions that were only compatible with limited devices.

InstaShow also offered numerous practical advantages during presentations. By allowing participants to launch their presentations in quick succession, it opened up the flow of ideas within the meeting rooms and made discussions more effective. No longer did participants have to wait impatiently for the first presenter to disconnect his or her laptop and take it away, and then wait again as the second presenter searched for the proper cable, hooked up his or her laptop, and fiddled with display setting before finally starting a new presentation. With InstaShow, subsequent presenters could plug in the dongle while waiting to present. Then, when their turn came, they could hit a single button and start sharing.


While replacing legacy equipment with newer technology can often become a long, drawn out process, TCI has been extremely enthusiastic about the upgrade. By improving meeting efficiency, InstaShow has benefitted both TCI’s reputation and its bottom line. This has made outfitting all its meeting rooms with InstaShow an easy choice for TCI. Many of the company’s meeting spaces in across the globe are already powered by InstaShow, and TCI plans to introduce InstaShow to its affiliates in China in 2019. Furthermore, TCI plans to implement more BenQ products, including video walls and interactive whiteboards, to boost communication efficiency and impress clients.