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Minister of the Interior (France)

  • BenQ
  • 2017-09-13
The Ministry of Interior (France) Sets Out to Standardize Civil Security Training

The Minister of Interior (France) wanted a state-of-the-art training facility for the coaching of European civil protection actors to experience real world simulations in preparation for potential catastrophes in the South of France and the Mediterranean area.


A variety of BenQ solutions were selected to create the ideal training environment for pilots. Delivering content in 4K resolution and with the highest contrast ratio, allowed BenQ hardware to deliver the real-to-life images necessary for recreating emergency simulations wherein attention to every detail is paramount.


Following installation, the Minister of Interior (France) informed BenQ how much it adored the all-in-one solution. Not only did the facility meet the Interior’s needs, it became the first center of its kind, and the French Minster of Interior plans to show off the new facility’s technology to other centers around the world to get them to standardize training.

Facts at a Glance

Year of Completion



Country & Location

France/ Nîmes


BenQ Solution Used

  • BenQ Short Throw Projector TH682ST
  • BenQ Smart Signage ST430K (4K)
  • BenQ Smart Signage ST650K (4K)
  • BenQ Interactive Flat Panel RP703
  • BenQ Eye-Care Monitor GW2270H
  • BenQ Eye-Care Monitor GW2760HS






Implement digital projectors and smart signage to provide quality training simulations for both domestic and foreign pilots.


Located in Nîmes, France, the Air Safety Coordination Training Simulator, or SECOAS, is where the Ministry of Interior (France) sends its pilots for training. SECOAS needed to follow strict standards to train its pilots, in order to deliver the highest quality training scenarios for real-life situations. Replicating real-life disaster simulations required multiple displays that could be seamlessly connected together to replicate the view from inside an aircraft. As training in simulated environment demands highly accurate visuals, the image quality of the monitors and projectors would need to be as vivid and authentic as reality itself. The Ministry of France additionally needed a hassle-free display management solution that could control all signage and projectors smoothly and remotely. The Interior’s ideal arrangement would provide pilots with streamlined fluid communication for better learning and responsiveness.


To get the total package, the Ministry of Interior (France) selected, at the recommendation of IMSUMEDIA (its system integrator) and long-time Civil Security partner VALABRE, a variety of BenQ products. For powerful 4K performance that delivered precise simulation in stunning detail and a streamlined, hassle-free management system, both the ST430K and ST650K were selected. For interiors with limited space, a BenQ projector with Full HD image quality and accurate, authentic colors was selected, additionally its short throw lenses enhanced projection performance despite inherent space limitations. Both smart signage and protectors come with Multiple Display Administrator (MDA) software preinstalled, allowing for multiple displays to be controlled simultaneously from a centralized location.

To further facilitate hands-on training, RP703 Interactive Flat Panels were installed to incorporate easy annotation solutions thanks to EZWrite and NFCPen, so instructors and trainees could make notes directly on the display to save and export later. Simplifying note taking and making it easier to share and exchange pertinent information. Finally, Eye-Care monitors with Flicker-Free performance were added to reduce eye fatigue seen in typical displays. Furthermore, the GW2270H’s Low-Blue Light functionality provided users with a screen that doesn’t make users tired after long hours of use.


The Ministry of Interior (France) was absolutely stunned by the all-in-one solution provided by BenQ. Upon its initial test runs, the Interior wrote to BenQ to express its elation with the new digital training center. The French Ministry of Interior becomes the first among the global security centers to create such a state-of-the-art facility for civil protection and management training. Leading by example, the Ministry of Interior (France) is set to standardize civil security training across the globe.