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Real Estate Sales Office

  • BenQ
  • 2016-01-01
BenQ Digital Signage Turns Lookers into Customers

Advertising specialist Ryan Design International recognized an opportunity to help real estate showrooms attract and engage meaningful customer interactions. With many visitors but few sales conversions, real estate sales offices often encounter challenges with paper waste, lack of customer engagement and outdated presentation capabilities.


Customer-friendly IL460 interactive signage displays invite visitors to browse different types of homes hands-on, while multiple PL460 super narrow bezel signage enable onsite staff to make compelling presentations on the videowall.

For Ryan Design International, the BenQ Visual Display Solution offers unmatched installation flexibility, appealing style and intuitive operation to meet their clients’ contemporary interior design requirements.


Ryan Design International is thrilled to provide real estate showrooms the ability to interactively engage potential customers, delivering impactful information while dramatically reducing costs associated with paper-based collateral.

Facts at a Glance

Year of Completion


BenQ Solution Used

  • BenQ Super Narrow Bezel Signage PL460
  • BenQ Interactive Signage IL460



Real Estate



Install digital signage to showcase interactive sales and marketing content to elevate visitor experience and create potential buyers.


Ryan Design International, a homebuilder marketing firm, served real estate showrooms who faced high numbers of customers quick to take brochures but slow to take further action. The sales offices furthermore experienced difficulty engaging customers meaningfully with up-to-date presentation capabilities and incurred high expenses with designing and printing paper collateral such as color brochures and sales pamphlets.

Ryan Design needed a fun, engaging and intuitive browsing solution that would pique the curiosity of drop-in visitors and convert them into buying customers. Additionally, for internal staff, large videowalls would broadcast sales information such as videos and host wireless presentations would provide a contemporary business setting with a unique “wow” factor.


Allowing clients to effortlessly browse through different floor plans and residences such as detached homes, townhomes or condominiums, BenQ IL460 interactive signage displays create engaging opportunities for agents to showcase listings to potential customers. IL460’s intuitive interface lets users simply touch the screen to browse different styles and customize building plans without costly collateral like color brochures or pamphlets.

Raising the level of customer engagement and excitement, BenQ PL460 super narrow signage form larger-than-life videowalls. Primary used for promotional videos, the videowalls enable spontaneous presentations to up to 30 guests wirelessly from a variety of mobile devices. Configurable via simple DVI daisy chain into videowalls up to 10x10 feet, PL460’s super narrow bezels measure an incredibly thin 5.4mm from bezel edge to adjacent screen for seamless and highly immersive supersized displays that command onlookers’ attention.


The comprehensive BenQ Visual Display Solution delivered the right combination of application, design and performance to impress not only Ryan Design International, but their clients by creating truly inspirational visual experiences. Ryan Design provided homebuilder showrooms and real estate sales offices the ability to deeply engage potential clients with intuitively interactive information and minimize the enormous costs of paper-based sales materials. BenQ IL460 and PL460 provided the aesthetic design, forward-thinking features and intuitive ease of use for efficient and appealing installation to energize and modernize their real estate showrooms.