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PGI Group Gears Its Meeting Room with Smart and Wireless Video Conferencing Solutions

  • BenQ
  • 2020-07-07
PGI Group Gears Its Meeting Room with Smart and Wireless Video Conferencing Solutions
About PGI Group

PGI Group is a globally recognized metal expert with operations extending throughout Middle East, far East, South East, Europe and Africa. PGI today is one of the vital links for many national and international metal manufacturers and foundries in the recycling industry. With high quality products and efficient customer service, PGI is a key raw material supplier for all metal needs for over 2 decades with more than 200 employee assets at multiple locations.

Facts at a Glance

Year of Completion



BenQ Solution Used

  • BenQ EX600 3600lm,XGA Wireless Smart Projector 



Sharjah, United Arab Emirates



PGI Gears Their Meeting Room with Smart and Wireless Video Conferencing Solutions


The meeting rooms at PGI were using a low resolution basic projector that required frequent maintenance and bulb changes, leading to increased operating costs. The previous projector was not wireless, so the users had to connect and plug in their laptops back and forth if they wanted to present. Also, due to the current pandemic, the IT and Management team of PGI decided to do a makeover on their meeting room with smart video conferencing and wireless presentation solutions.


After consulting PGI, BenQ Middle East team found that they required an upgrade of their meeting room with modern video conferencing and wireless presentation solutions. When BenQ introduced the Android-based Wireless Smart Projector EX600, PGI decided to go for it immediately as it could solve their cable clutter problem, while multiple presenters can present wirelessly and start video conferencing easily. PGI is so impressed by the performance of the BenQ Smart Projector EX600 that they suggested BenQ to approach their other group companies.


Located in Sharjah, the United Arab Emirates, PGI employs a network of experts and has branches in multiple cities around the world. To enhance daily communications and operations, PGI hoped to upgrade their offices with modern video conferencing and presentation solutions. They need a video conferencing setup and a new Projector for the huddle room to make meetings more collaborative, interactive, and productive for everyone.

Although PGI’s customers continued to be impressed by PGI’s services, PGI found itself spending more time and money ensuring that the projector in its conference rooms remained in working order. Due to poor projector performance, their meetings couldn’t run smoothly many times. The old projectors didn’t have sufficient brightness for the meeting room environments, and the cable connection on the projector got off frequently.

The outdated projector was also difficult to set up and caused technical issues when there were multiple presenters. Therefore, PGI required an IT technician's support every time their top management and business partners held a meeting. In some instances, the IT team had to stay during the whole meeting because glitches continued to happen.

Another challenge that PGI found was to conduct a group meeting with teammates, partners and external customers during the pandemic. At first, the IT team considered installing an expensive video conferencing solution suggested by another vendor.

After BenQ experts and the system integrator team visited PGI’s premises, the IT team changed their mind. PG1 were impressed by the live demo, product features, and how economical it was to install the BenQ Wireless Smart Projector, so they decided to utilize EX600 Smart Projector.

Features that were especially appreciated by PGI:
Wireless mirroring

As a modern company that frequently has visitors for presentations, PGI was no stranger to bundles of cables extending from the backsides of projectors.

So, when the demo started for BenQ Wireless Smart Projector, PGI thought it’s just a wireless projector which can do video conferencing. But when BenQ demonstrated that any smart device or laptops can mirror anything to the big screen, they felt amazed as they didn’t expect that one projector could provide so many functions and flexibility.

PGI uses their meeting rooms for internal brainstorming sessions frequently. During these sessions, everybody wants to share something from their mobile phones, iPads or laptops. Now with BenQ EX600 Smart Projector, their meetings and discussions are more fruitful than before.

Plug and play any format of files with a USB

BenQ Smart Projector wireless presentation system revolutionized the way PGI handled meetings. Before BenQ Smart Projector, presenters had to send their PowerPoint files to someone before the meeting, and deliver their presentations using the on-site computer. This old-fashioned way of doing things was labor intensive and lacked flexibility. After upgrading to BenQ Smart Projector with the accurate plug-and-play USB system that requires no software or drivers, PGI conference rooms now allow presenters to use their own laptops for presentations – simply plug the USB in it, press the button, and present. By letting multiple users prepare their materials on their laptops and even play files with a USB drive, BenQ Smart Projector has significantly streamlined their meetings and improved the overall quality of service that PGI provides.

Video Conferencing with internal and external stakeholders

PGI IT team looked for video conferencing solutions to conduct the internal meetings remotely, due to the pandemic. To tackle this issue, they almost finalized some expensive video conferencing solutions suggested by another vendor. But when they saw BenQ team’s demo, they were immediately convinced and gave their nod to BenQ Wireless Smart Projector. Now they are frequently doing video conferencing with their partners as well as the internal team.

X-Sign Broadcast - Broadcasting welcome message or any information without interrupting the meeting

Another exciting feature PGI felt impressed was the X-Sign Broadcast application on BenQ Smart Projector. In the past, someone had to enter the meeting room, interrupt the meeting, and give the message in case of emergency. Now they could send welcome messages into the meeting room remotely, wish someone happy birthday or send congratulatory messages.

The IT manager mentioned that recently PGI held a meeting with external partners, and wanted to inform everybody about the lunch venue and time. The IT team sent message via X-Sign Broadcast to inform everyone, and the management was pleased to see the use of new technology.

In Summary

'PGI’s conference facilities have been better received than ever. They no longer face issues with cable clutters, device disconnection or technical glitches, and embrace a pleasant meeting and video conferencing experience. PGI is now equipped to deliver a fully modernized, streamlined meeting experience to internal team and its business partners. BenQ’s wireless smart projectors provide pristine image quality and fantastic flexibility with easy wireless mirroring, while the USB plug-and-play and video conferencing make meetings smoother than ever.

For their group companies which are considering a meeting-room makeover but don’t know where to begin, PGI recommends reaching out to BenQ experts for advices.