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Modern Style Goes Mobile with Suittruck and BenQ BlueCore Projectors

  • Joshua Holko
  • Landscape, Nature, Wilderness Photographer / Australia
  • 2019-10-30
Modern Style Goes Mobile with Suittruck and BenQ BlueCore Projectors

Suittruck, a mobile tailor based in the Netherlands, uses a truck full of equipment to fit its clients for suits. The firm wanted to install technology in its trucks that would let it quickly and accurately fit its clients by projecting images onto their bodies and using a scanner to take instant measurements.


Because space inside the truck was limited, a projector with a short-throw distance was a necessity. Suittruck discovered that BenQ’s short-throw laser projectors, which offer high resolution, ample brightness, and proven reliability, were an ideal solution for their trucks.


Early results have been positive. By combining BenQ’s projection solutions with special body-scanning equipment and software, Suittruck has been able to streamline the suit-fitting process. If the company decides to create more hi-tech fitting trucks in the future, it will likely work with BenQ again.

Facts at a Glance

Year of Completion



BenQ Solution Used

  • BenQ LW820ST Short-Throw Laser Projector






A mobile tailor uses projection technology to make suit-fitting quicker and more accurate


These days you can have almost anything delivered directly to your home or office, so why not a custom-fitted suit? Based in the Netherlands, Suittruck is the tailor that understands the pace of modern life. They bring fitting equipment and expertise directly to customers, tailor a custom suit, and deliver it when it’s ready.

While Suittruck originally relied on traditional tools such as tape measures, recently they had begun harnessing technology to optimize the suit-fitting process. Suittruck was using projectors to display specialized measurement images onto clients’ bodies. These images were then read by a scanner, which allowed for nearly instantaneous fitting. Yet despite showing great promise this system had kinks: The lamps in the projectors took a long time to warm up and the bulbs required frequent changes. These issues and others led Suittruck to explore the market and see if they could find a better projection solution.


One company offered solutions that were a perfect fit: BenQ. An international company that has received frequent acclaim for its projection and display technology, BenQ was the ideal partner for accelerating Suittruck’s business. After considering Suittruck’s needs – reliable projection that could work in a small space and project clear images onto a human body – BenQ recommended one specific model from its extensive projector line: the BenQ LW820ST Short-Throw Laser Projector.

Designed to unlock the full power of BenQ’s world-best DLP technology, the LW820ST Short-Throw Laser Projector is a great fit for Suittruck’s operations. The BlueCore laser inside each LW820ST projector provides 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation, which means no more bulb changes. BlueCore lasers also deliver ample brightness, allowing Suittruck’s scanners to easily read the measurement data projected onto clients’ bodies. Moreover, because laser technology powers on instantly, clients no longer need to wait for projectors to warm up. The LW820ST also features BenQ’s exclusive Dust Guard technology, which encompasses elements such as a fully sealed optical engine, to protect it from dust, dirt, and other contaminants that the mobile operation may encounter.


The LW820ST Short-Throw Laser Projectors in the mobile tailor truck have streamlined the fitting process and nearly eliminated tiresome wait times. Furthermore, the maintenance-free design of the LW820ST ensures that Suittruck can spend less time fiddling with technology and more time focusing on what they do best: working with clients and crafting stunning custom-tailored suits. As Suittruck continue renovating their fleet of trucks, BenQ’s projection solutions will continue to be an essential part of their operation.