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Metro Systems Corporation Brings Wireless Presentation to its Advanced Learning Center

  • BenQ
  • 2019-07-25
Metro Systems Corporation Brings Wireless Presentation to its Advanced Learning Center

Metro Systems Corporation PLC needed new display and presentation technology for the classrooms in their Advanced Learning Center. They wanted technology that would facilitate sharing from mobile devices and preferred to work with a single vendor that could provide a complete solution.


With a quality selection of displays, projectors, and wireless presentation technology, BenQ proved to be the ideal choice for outfitting the Advanced Learning Center. In addition to projectors and classroom-ready interactive displays, the Advanced Learning Center also brought in a large number of smaller monitors for individual use.


BenQ technology has proved to be the ultimate turnkey solution for the Advanced Learning Center. Trainees, teachers, and administrators alike have all been very pleased with the new capabilities and fresh potential that BenQ’s display and presentation solutions have brought to the classrooms.

Facts at a Glance

Year of Completion



BenQ Solution Used

  • BenQ BL702A Business Monitor
  • BenQ GW2270HM Stylish Monitor
  • BenQ GW2270H Stylish Monitor
  • BenQ RP704K 70” 4K UHD Interactive Flat Panel Display
  • BenQ LU9235 BlueCore Laser Projector
  • BenQ InstaShow™ WDC10 Wireless Presentation Solution






Smart Training Center


For more than three decades, Metro Systems Corporation PLC, a system integration firm based in Thailand, has been providing cutting-edge information technology to clients in a vast array of fields including finance, business, and manufacturing. Metro Systems Corp. strives not only to deliver top-notch hardware and software solutions to their clients, but to do so while offering reliable, friendly service that clients can trust.

Metro Systems Corp. believes that in order to provide consistent quality service, you must develop a positive corporate culture. An important part of that process is finding and nurturing future talent. For this purpose, Metro Systems Corp. has their very own Advanced Learning Center, located in Bangkok, which provides classes for those who wish to develop their IT skills. In order to ensure that trainees always receive relevant education, the facility makes a point of keeping its equipment up to date. With smart mobile devices now becoming ubiquitous, Metro Systems Corp. realized that they needed display technology that would allow trainees and teachers to present directly from phones and tablets.


Keeping up with technology can be a challenge, but having a good partner makes it easier. In BenQ, Metro Systems Corp. found a partner that could provide for all their display and presentation needs. They also have been consistently impressed by the quality of BenQ’s products and service. During this technology makeover of the Advanced Learning Center, Metro Systems Corp. focused on two areas: displays for individual PCs and classroom presentation technology.

For individual PCs, Metro Systems Corp. procured nearly 90 monitors of three different models: GW2270H, GW2270HM, and BL702A. Stylish GW2270H and GW2270HM displays offer 1080p resolution, while the BL702A model has a 5:4 aspect ratio optimized for certain common business applications. All three of these models offer high contrast ratios, flicker-free technology, and low blue-light emissions to ensure that trainees’ eyes are protected, even when they study for long periods of time.

The real heart of the makeover, however, came in the form of new display technology for classrooms. First was BenQ’s RP704K 70” 4K UHD Interactive Flat Panel Display, which packs essential teaching features into a classroom-friendly format. EZWrite Smart Whiteboard Technology makes it easy for teachers to make annotations, record videos, and call up documents onto the screen, all without requiring a PC.

The upgrades also included LUA9235 Large-Venue Laser Projectors. Harnessing the power of the BlueCore laser, these projectors offer a combination of high-resolution clarity, excellent color performance, and long-term reliability that other models can’t match. The LUA9235 is also loaded with flexible installation features, including 360-degree rotation and optional lenses, that make it a great fit for nearly any space. It also features superior dustproofing that makes it nearly impervious to dust-related issues.

Finally, Metro Systems Corp. opted to bring in BenQ’s exclusive one-touch, plug-and-play wireless presentation technology, InstaShow. Compatible with both the aforementioned LUA9235 Laser Projectors and RP704K Interactive Flat Panel, as well as any other device with an HDMI input, BenQ’s InstaShow WDC10 is the ultimate wireless content-sharing solution. Users just plug InstaShow into the HDMI-out of the device they wish to share from, press the button, and start sharing. Teachers at the Advanced Learning Center also appreciate InstaShow’s two-way mirroring functionality that allows users to make an annotation on their phone or smart device and have it immediately appear on the big screen.


The trainees and teachers at the Advanced Learning Center, as well as the leaders at Metro Systems Corp., have all been extremely satisfied with BenQ’s display and sharing technology. By offering easy to use displays, as well as one-touch, plug-and-play presentation solutions, BenQ has streamlined teaching and learning in ways that wouldn’t have been possible even just a few years ago. Furthermore, because BenQ offers an extensive selection of high-quality display technologies, Metro Systems Corp. can turn to BenQ for many of their needs, which streamlines the process of upgrading or expanding. Because of partnerships like the one with Metro Systems Corp., BenQ’s reputation as a producer of innovative, practical display and presentation solutions only continues to grow.