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Shopify Empowers Communication Efficiency with Jamboard

  • Alex Mooney
  • Manager | Marketing & Pre-Sales BenQ North America
  • 2020-05-20
Shopify Empowers Communication Efficiency with Jamboard

Shopify is a leading multi-channel commerce platform. Merchants use Shopify to design, set up, and manage their stores across multiple sales channels, including mobile, web, social media, marketplaces, brick-and-mortar locations, and even pop-up shops. Teams at Shopify have to embrace a culture of innovation in order to continue bringing this value to their customers. The responsibility of supporting the technology that powers that innovation is trusted to the AV and IT teams, among others. Here’s what Garth Pyper, Shopify’s Technical Infrastructure Manager, said about his team’s mission:

“At Shopify we have over 4,000 employees across multiple locations in multiple countries and continents. One of the things that we really need to do is to be able to communicate clearly and efficiently, and one of the things that we found most recently that's allowed us to do that is Jamboard. Previously we would come into a meeting room and there'd be sticky notes all over the place or whiteboards with a ton of stuff on them. It actually makes it more difficult for the next group of people coming into the room to be able to pick up and just start working. By using the Jamboard and having people store their information in the cloud, they can pick up where they left off. The next time they come in, they don't have to worry about the last group's information and, from a communication standpoint, it makes things a lot easier when it comes to transitioning from space to space.”

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Shopify empowers communication efficiency, maximizes their remote team’s ability, and reduces overall costs with Jamboard

This challenge is a common one across many different industries. At some point in a company’s growth, communication becomes critical, and efficient transition from varying meeting rooms, huddle spaces, or even common areas is a necessity. Jamboard empowers this process by being available on any device, any where, any time.

That isn’t the only challenge, as companies are faced with the reality of an increasingly distributed or remote workforce. From a technology perspective, it is critical to select tools that help remote users stay connected and engaged. Shopify's Audio Visual Infrastructure Lead, Chuck McMullen, had to say this on the topic:

“Jamboard’s ease of use and integration with the platforms that we’re already using, allows teams to be more productive with each other so remote teams don't feel as remote anymore. It also allows everything to be shared. So with Google Drive, where Jams are saved, anywhere around the world our employees are able to access all of their information with no special connection and no additional steps to be able to participate. It’s super simple and we didn't have to teach anyone how to do anything new.”

IT and AV teams are constantly getting new technology to support and are often pressed for the amount of time available to maintain up time and keep tools available for teams to utilize. BenQ has the ability to reduce hardware cost on a room deployment by up to 30% of the traditional design by selecting an all-in-one conference and collaboration tool. In addition, the support teams see a reduction in direct support cost of as much as 60% on Jamboard equipped meeting rooms due to having less points of failure, like peripherals, and a simple user interface. Here is what Garth said based on his experience:

“Because you're installing a single unit, the overall costs are reduced for installation. Overall support is going to be lower because you have a self-contained unit that doesn't have anything hanging out of it. If something goes wrong with it, you can throw your spare up, reprovision it, and a room’s downtime is probably 30 minutes as opposed to a few hours or longer, depending on what the technical issue is with the room.”

Jamboard is an incredible tool for collaboration and conferencing and it truly enables teams to be more connected, even in an age of separation. It can help to keep users focused on their content because of the simplicity and ease of use, so there aren’t any distractions from complicated technology. Jamboard can do all of that while reducing deployment costs, and even support costs, so that IT and AV teams can deploy, manage, and support meeting rooms at scale.

To learn more about Jamboard or to see a demo of how Jamboard can help your organization, check out the link below.

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