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IMPLS Entertainment Recruits BenQ’s Go-Anywhere Smart Projector to Its eSports Business

  • BenQ
  • 2021-01-07
IMPLS Entertainment Recruits BenQ’s Go-Anywhere Smart Projector to Its eSports Business

IMPLS Entertainment were looking for a multi-purpose display device that could handle conference calls, wireless projection, device mirroring, and other tasks. They wanted a device that was easy to connect to, but could also handle tasks such as video conferencing without a connected laptop or smart device.


BenQ’s EH600 Smart Projector checked all the necessary boxes for IMPLS Entertainment. Not only can EH600 connect to laptops and phones wirelessly, but it also allows users to download and launch apps directly for computer-free video chats and presentations.


IMPLS Entertainment have quickly integrated EH600 into their workflow, using it both in the office and on the go. A fully featured wireless-projection device, EH600 is easy to set up anywhere and frees staff from having to worry about whether or not they have the proper cables or adapters.

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IMPLS Entertainment acquires a new smart projector that is perfect for use both in the office and on the go


With nearly half a million fans worldwide, eSports is a rapidly growing sector of the entertainment industry. As the eSports market has continued to develop and expand, many companies have sprung up to grow the eSports fan base and cultivate new gaming talent. One of these companies is Singapore-based IMPLS Entertainment. IMPLS Entertainment focuses on the game Counter Strike, managing a league as well as multiple teams in pursuit of excellence.

For any top team, communication is paramount. While gamers communicate verbally over headsets, eSports staff often require video conferencing and wireless projection capabilities. IMPLS Entertainment wanted a device that not only could offer these capabilities, but would also be portable and a breeze to set up no matter where they took it.


As the staff at IMPLS Entertainment began calling around and doing research about the various projectors available on the marketplace, they ran into hurdles. Most projectors lacked the features they wanted. In other cases, it wasn’t clear if a certain projector model was appropriate, and calling the sales staff didn’t help clear the confusion.

That was why IMPLS Entertainment were very pleased when they reached out to BenQ. BenQ was able to clearly delineate all the features of their projectors and explain how they functioned in real-life scenarios. After discussing with BenQ’s sales staff, IMPLS Entertainment decided that the EH600 Smart Projector was the perfect device to meet its needs.

Among EH600’s many strengths, perhaps the most striking feature is that it facilitates seamless wireless projection and wireless mirroring with nearly any device. Whether a user wants to share content from a phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop PC, making a connection is easy. Furthermore, switching between multiple devices is straightforward, meaning that everyone in the room can share their thoughts.

However, the staff at IMPLS Entertainment don’t want to be tethered to PCs. This is why they also appreciate the smart functionality built into EH600. By connecting a USB or Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, users can take control of EH600 and use it like a self-contained computer. EH600 allows users to download apps, open files stored on USB drives, and participate in video conferences. This package of smart features combined with wireless projection capabilities convinced IMPLS Entertainment that the EH600 Smart Projector was the perfect choice.

BenQ EH600 wireless projection and wireless mirroring capabilities
BenQ EH600 video conferencing

In terms of both hardware and service, IMPLS Entertainment’s experience with BenQ has been extremely positive. In the EH600 Smart Projector, IMPLS Entertainment have found the perfect projector for their needs. They can set it up anywhere and immediately take advantage of EH600’s video conferencing, wireless projection, and wireless mirroring capabilities. It can also accomplish many tasks without a connected laptop thanks to smart control and its USB reader. Moreover, BenQ’s service has also left IMPLS Entertainment with a positive impression. BenQ had satisfactory answers for every question about its hardware, and when IMPLS Entertainment received their order they got exactly what they expected: comprehensive performance in an all-in-one wireless-projection package. The EH600 Smart Projector has been a knockout thus far and IMPLS Entertainment look forward to calling upon BenQ again in the future.