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  • 2014-01-01
Gateway Primary School and BenQ Interactive Flat Panel

Brought together by a unified vision, several schools in Tilbury, England formed The Gateway Primary Free School. Through the use of technology, the Gateway Primary aimed to increase class participation, improve student collaboration, and engage young learners by stimulating their creativity and imagination through hands-on assignments utilizing interactive media.


The Gateway Primary Free School, purchased 33 state-of-the-art interactive flat panel solutions. The BenQ RP650+ was selected for its simple-to-use, plug and play design, in addition to its numerous user friendly features, tried and tested software, and eye care solutions.


The Gateway Primary with the help of BenQ technology solutions achieved its goals. Not only did the school see a remarkable increase in classroom interaction, the students found a new desire to learn, and developed an appreciation, and fondness for, collaborating with classmates—a valuable skill that the Gateway Primary Free School had wanted to foster in its young learners.

Facts at a Glance

Year of Completion



BenQ Solution Used

  • Interactive Flat Panel RP650+


Country & Location

United Kingdom / Tilbury



Launching a new education initiative that utilized technology to increase student participation and interaction.


The Gateway Primary Free School is a labor of love for child development and education enrichment. Created as a multi-school collaboration, the Gateway Primary had a singular idea: to strengthen student collaboration and develop a flexible learning environment with the aid of technology. Smartphones and tablets are a part of nearly every students’ daily life, seeing no other alternative, the educators came together and decided to incorporate a tech solution that would bolster the new initiative, excite the students, and awaken their willingness to learn. The Gateway Primary decided it should seek out an affordable, flexible, and uncomplicated technology solution to install in all its classrooms. Not only would this streamline the education process, it would reinvigorate the classroom environment and entice students to learn with each other in a fun and interactive way.


To boost collaboration and create a flexible education environment, BenQ’s RP650+ was selected as the best overall technology solution. With its 5-point multi-touch interactivity, the RP650+ is capable of registering up to five points of input simultaneously. For the Gateway Primary, this meant the school would not be limited to merely just allowing one or two students to work together in tandem, but instead could provide a richer and more varied group of students to collaborate at the same time. The EZWrite annotation app made it possible for the educators to have quick access to a variety of tools to easily control the interactive flat panel for any given situation. Should the instructors want a standard white board they could create one with the app. Yet, if they needed to change things up, they could easily access a wide array of colorful pens, pencils, and highlighters to make the content “pop!” With EZWrite, teachers could save anything on the board as an image to review at a later date, or share with students or other educators. This meant that lessons could be shared more conveniently across all classrooms in the Gateway Primary

With its plug and play nature, the RP650+ is ready to go out of the box. In addition, the RP650+ screens come with several eye-care solutions. TUV-Certified Low Blue Light technology minimizes blue light exposure. The Flicker-Free Technology meant the students could look at the screen longer without feeling tired, and the Anti-Glare display made it easy to view the panel in various lighting environments. Lastly, the total cost of ownership (TCO) is reduced by the long-lasting 50,000 hour light life of the RP650+.


The Gateway Primary Free School is undoubtedly satisfied with it decision in purchasing BenQ’s RP650+. The easy-to-use interactive flat panel satisfied and exceeded Gateway’s ambitious overhaul of its education system. Not only did student interaction increase across the board, the flexible nature of the EZWrite software made it possible for teachers and students from other classrooms to interact and collaborate with each other. By sharing images captured through the interactive flat panel, educators at the Gateway Primary could send images directly captured through the RP650+ to each other. And with the numerous eye-care solutions, the parents of the students could feel safe knowing their children’s health was being looked after. Today the interactive flat panels have become an integral part of every student’s day. In fact, after hearing of the Gateway Primary Free School’s success, many parents from the surrounding areas enrolled their students at this school for a better education. Also, in a recent Ofsted Inspection, the Gateway Primary received high marks and was labeled as “very good,” and became the shining example of high-quality education in that area.