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  • 2014-01-01
Dubai English School and BenQ Interactive Flat Panel
Over View

Dubai English Speaking School, which previously used interactive whiteboards with overhead projection, wanted to explore other interactive teaching solutions that allow them to teach without interruption or shadow disruption. They also wish to eliminate calibration hassles and irritating projector light, enabling better teaching flow and focus in class.


BenQ’s RP651+ interactive flat panels were selected by the school to replace the interactive whiteboards for its superior whiteboard features. Later, RP652 models were introduced to the school for their Android™ OS compatibility.


Dubai English Speaking School was so impressed with the product demonstration of BenQ’s interactive flat panels that they ordered ten displays on the spot. An additional 50 interactive flat panels were purchased from BenQ and installed throughout the entire school.

Facts at a Glance

Year of Completion

2014, 2015


BenQ Solution Used

  • Interactive Flat Panel RP652


Country & Location

UAE/ Dubai



An interactive flat panel for every classroom






Dubai English Speaking School is one of the oldest expatriate schools in Dubai. Founded in 1963, the school was meant to be a premier education center for children of expatriates working in the Emirates and heirs of Dubai’s royal family. The school’s history and prestige meant that everything had to be held to the highest standard.

Interactive whiteboards were the primary teaching tools used in Dubai English Speaking. They had to be replaced by interactive flat panels due to several reasons. With the interactive whiteboards, teachers struggled with frequent recalibration, which interrupted their lessons. Moreover, since overhead projectors had to be used with the interactive whiteboards, shadow disruption also became a concern in class. Anyone standing in front of the whiteboard would cast a shadow that blocked out important content projected. Meanwhile, there was the concern for the blinding projector light falling on the eyes of teachers and students. As recommended by the school’s head teacher, interactive flat panels, which features a backlit display, would help resolve all of the stated issues caused by interactive whiteboards.


The previous positive product experience with BenQ encouraged the head teacher to explore what interactive flat panel options the company has to offer. After taking in the challenges faced by the school and its staff members using interactive whiteboards, BenQ offered the school a product demonstration of its latest interactive flat panels. By the end of the session, the staff felt as confident toward BenQ products as the head teacher did. They were particularly impressed with the high PPI ratio for the displays’ size, the high image quality of full HD resolution, as well as the anti-glare screen design that allows teachers to keep the lights on during class.

As the RP652 doesn’t require an overhead projector, there would be no shadow disruption or direct contact with blinding projector light. What’s more, these interactive flat panels are installation friendly with accessories such as an adjustable mount that enables a custom fit for every types of classroom and teaching purpose. For instance, teachers can lower the screen effortlessly when teaching younger students with the adjustable mount. During the entire installation period, BenQ’s tech support was available for any issues Dubai English Speaking School may face. This dedication further cemented the school’s belief of having made the best decision.


The staff members of Dubai English Speaking School were enamored with BenQ’s interactive flat panels. Following the demo, the school ordered ten units for immediate installation. Shortly thereafter, an additional 50 units were ordered. The AndroidTM compatible RP652 interactive flat panels allowed the staff to stream and share content directly from their smart devices. They also no longer have to worry about casting shadows on the screen like they did with an overhead projector. The RP652 models’ offered a low blue light display, which helps protect the young eyes from looking at the screen often and reduces eye fatigue significantly. Last but not least, the anti-glare treatment of the display screen ensures a disruption-free viewing experience at all times. After the initial testing phase, the school made sure to get a BenQ interactive flat panel for every classroom and promised to to recommend BenQ screens to its sister school, a college campus, making BenQ a trusted classroom aid for Dubai’s youth.