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Creativity Abounds at CRIO Restaurant with the BenQ Interactive Display

  • BenQ
  • 2022-12-14

“We are providing a space for people who want to create without limitations,” says Richie Pratadaja, founder of CRIO, an upscale tapas and dessert bar in Central Jakarta. The restaurant was the birthchild of Pratadaja, who, for years, had worked as a chocolatier in renowned pastry kitchens across the US. Deciding to bring his signature confectionaries to his hometown, he sought the help of like-minded collaborators who matched his innovative desserts with equally inspired main courses and cocktails.

For a top-notch one-stop dining establishment such as CRIO, Pratadaja and the rest of his team wanted to provide an atmosphere that was teeming with excitement and innovation. The restaurant’s name itself, CRIO—which he explains is the Portuguese word for “create”—reflects their main goal: Everything from their food, the ambiance of their dining room, down to the setup of their private meeting areas, needed to inspire creativity.


CRIO Restaurant



Jakarta, Indonesia


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BenQ solutions used

BenQ interactive display RP7502

“Having the BenQ interactive display in our meeting room sets it apart from the rooms offered by other restaurants.”

BenQ matches CRIO’s creative needs

CRIO is situated in one of the busiest commercial districts in Jakarta so it was important for them to stand out from other high-end establishments in the area. They already had an impressive selection of unique food and beverages, but to further meet the needs of their corporate clientele, they wanted to offer an exclusive dining space where marketing creatives and business professionals could privately convene and freely exchange ideas. Fitting that space with the appropriate meeting tools was a must.

Going through a list of possible solutions, CRIO’s management went with BenQ. They gravitated towards the RP02 interactive display after a thorough demonstration of its multiple meeting room features.

The ease at which the display allows users to present was an immediate draw in. With the InstaShare wireless screen sharing software on the display, CRIO would be able to let their customers show slides on the display using their own devices. Whether they bring Windows, Android, or Apple gadgets to their meeting, platform compatibility is a non-issue. Moreover, the display’s touchscreen interface not only allows their customers to conveniently control their sessions by interacting with the screen, it also gives them the ability to directly annotate, highlight, and build on any important points being presented.

The BenQ interactive display also comes with EZWrite, a built-in whiteboarding software that has all the necessary tools teams need for highly productive brainstorming sessions. Its adjustable canvas and its many multimedia tools make it ideal for free-flowing creative discussions.

CRIO finds its perfect pairing with BenQ

“Having the BenQ interactive display in our meeting room sets it apart from the rooms offered by other restaurants,” says Andre Pratadaja, CRIO’s operations manager. Since the RP02 merges the functionalities of a whiteboard, a tablet, and a large format screen, their guests are able to do everything they need for their meeting on just one device. It streamlines the meeting room setup, allowing participants to kick off their sessions with ease.

“Because the screen lets them annotate, meetings become more interactive,” says Pratadaja. Their guests can just walk up to the display and start writing notes while presenting. As their customers openly discuss ideas on the shared screen, CRIO further fuels their creativity by filling their tables with their signature offerings.

“When they adjourn, they can share the results of their meeting with all participants using a QR code,” says Pratadaja, highlighting another reason they picked the BenQ display.

With how busy the restaurant can get during peak hours, having a way to manage their display from an online console becomes advantageous for their day-to-day operations. Pratadaja explains how their staff uses the BenQ Device Management Solution (DMS) to remotely shut down their interactive display, saving them the time and effort of going to the meeting room to switch it off manually. They also take advantage of X-Sign Broadcast to leave welcome messages for the guests who will be using the room as well as push important reminders, such as the time they have left for their reserved slot.

“We are truly satisfied with the BenQ interactive display,” says Pratadaja.