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Coomera Anglican College Employs BenQ IFP's X-Sign Broadcast for Its Campus-Wide Digital Broadcast System

  • BenQ
  • 2020-01-20
Coomera Anglican College Employs BenQ IFP's X-Sign Broadcast for Its Campus-Wide Digital Broadcast System

Coomera Anglican College, a tech-savvy school in Queensland, Australia, was looking to improve communications both inside and outside the classroom. The school wanted a system that could better engage students’ attention and enhance student interactions while also facilitating more robust messaging and content sharing across the campus.


Having had a positive experience with BenQ during the school’s previous tech upgrade, the staff at the college were keen to adopt BenQ’s X-Sign Broadcast, a full-fledged content distribution service that’s compatible with a wide range of devices, from PCs and Macs to iOS and Android phones and tablets.


X-Sign Broadcast’s integration into Coomera Anglican College went smoothly and the benefits have been massive. Class time has become more fun and interactive, and teachers, students, and staff are better able to communicate both during and outside of class. Furthermore, the number of tech support tickets related to classroom displays has dropped significantly since the introduction of X-Sign Broadcast.

Facts at a Glance

Year of Completion



BenQ Solution Used

  • BenQ RP7501K Interactive Flat Panel BenQ
  • X-Sign Broadcast Software






An Australian school further enhances its learning environment with a second batch of BenQ Interactive Flat Panels and X-Sign Broadcast


"At Coomera Anglican College education is always moving forward. In 2017, the college took a big leap ahead by installing 35 BenQ Education Interactive Flat Panel Displays throughout the campus. Those displays featured multi-touch touchscreens and whiteboard capabilities that revolutionized the college’s classrooms and introduced novel ways for teachers and students to interact. The displays also offered stunning picture quality and reliability that has not let Coomera Anglican College down since. Fast forward two years to 2019. This time, the college was trying to come to terms with the sheer number of devices that students and teachers use in the modern classroom. Students and teachers alike needed a way to take content on their devices, whether they be smartphones, tablets, or laptops, and share it on the big screen. Although Coomera Anglican College had a variety of presentation solutions, these solutions weren’t available in every classroom and not every solution worked with every kind of device. The college wanted to bring in a system that could streamline the process and ensure that content such as broadcasts, alerts, presentations, and other information could be shared anywhere, anytime."


"Coomera Anglican College did not need to search long. In fact, the college’s staff had already heard of X-Sign Broadcast, BenQ’s smart broadcasting system. X-Sign Broadcast is BenQ’s exclusive wireless broadcasting system that lets school staff push alerts, messages, and other announcements during class. Senders can choose to send a message to a single classroom, multiple classrooms, or all classrooms. It’s also easy to organize classrooms into groups, which makes it easy to send a message to all classes in one grade, for example. Furthermore, X-Sign Broadcast supports both scheduled and interrupt messaging modes. Scheduled messages are delivered at a scheduled time, whereas interrupt messages are sent immediately and delivered without delay, guaranteeing that information such as evacuation and emergency alerts can be broadcast expediently. To complement X-Sign Broadcast and its existing BenQ panels, the college also ordered 25 RP7501K 4K UHD 75” Education Interactive Flat Panel Displays. Boasting a powerful combination of innovative technology and classroom-friendly features, the RP7501K is among the finest interactive whiteboard panels on the market today. The RP7501K display allows for seamless collaboration between the display and mobile devices, making it easier than ever for teachers to capture and maintain students’ attention in today’s technology-driven classrooms. Meanwhile, the RP7501K also helps keep students healthy thanks to BenQ’s exclusive Smart Eye-Care Solution, a germ-resistant screen, and a built-in air-quality sensor that lets teachers monitor classroom air quality and make sure carbon dioxide levels remain in check."


Teachers and students alike are singing the praises of X-Sign Broadcast. One Coomera Anglican College instructor said that in his dozens of years of experience with projectors and displays in the classroom, BenQ’s system is the first he’s used that fits seamlessly into his teaching process. Meanwhile, students have been impressed by the displays that let them share content from Windows, Apple, and Android devices at the same time. And because the new displays allow for sharing between classrooms, learning and collaborating on a greater scale has never been easier. Designed with schools in mind, BenQ’s X-Sign Broadcast has brought students and teachers together and helped them reach the next level of learning.