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Coomera Anglican College Maximizes Education with BenQ

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  • 2017-08-15
Forward-Thinking Educators Strive for the Ideal Interactive Classroom
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Over the past 20 years, Coomera Anglican College has evolved from a small collection of classrooms into a fully functional, technology-friendly educational facility.

“The main focus of the technology used at the College has always been to maximize benefit for students in the classroom,” said Alex Delaforce, the College’s Head of Teaching and Learning Processes. “That means that we put the best possible equipment in the hands of teachers, so we need to be constantly reviewing the way in which we use technology. … We need our students to be able to not only be effective thinkers and learners themselves, but also be able to work in groups and collaboratively.”

BenQ Delivers a Powerful Upgrade

“We looked at a bunch of alternatives and had a heap of demo boards here to try,” said IT Services Manager Danielle Storey. Based on teachers’ feedback, the College chose to outfit their classrooms with the BenQ RP790 Interactive Flat Panel.

“The picture is crisp and the colour is there,” said Kayla Kuhnemann, Prep Teacher. “That makes it more interactive and engaging for [the students].” Year Three Teacher Jacinda Pickering was also impressed. “It’s so much more fun, engaging, and spontaneous,” she said. “Having access to an interactive panel has certainly changed the way that I deliver the curriculum.”

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  • BenQ Interactive Flat Panel RP790



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