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Higher Education Projectors
Superb Image Quality
Higher Education Projectors

The BenQ Higher Education Projector helps universities create a constructive learning environment that lets students thrive. Equipped with laser technology and industry-leading dustproofing, the BenQ Higher Education Projector delivers immaculate detail and minimizes interruptions in order to maximize teaching impact and educational outcomes.

  • Laser Projection for Long-Lasting Superior Image Quality
  • 4K UHD Image Quality for Perfect Picture with Precise Details
  • Exclusive Dust Guard Dustproofing That Boosts Long-Term Reliability
  • Effortless Centralized Device and Firmware Updates via Network
Uncompromising Visual Quality
BenQ Exclusive Color Modes

BenQ is committed to bringing true-to-life color and exceptional image quality to your school. That’s why we developed our industry-leading Color Modes that offer amazing color reproduction. You, your staff, and your students will be able to see all the details in every image for a clearer, more lifelike visual experience.

Improved Detail and Rich Color for Presentations with Infographic Mode

Infographic Mode offers enhanced brightness and better color gradation, rendering richer colors and clearer text in graphs and charts that can boost learning outcomes.

Vivid Mode for Brilliant, Lifelike Video Quality

Vivid Mode allows for video playback with supreme colors that will leave a deep impression. It’s the perfect mode for watching films and sharing images.

More Detail with Laser Technology

Clear, aesthetically pleasing visual content can deeply engage students and help them learn more efficiently. BenQ’s revolutionary laser technology makes images brighter and clearer so that your students will never miss a detail.

High-Output Light Source for Superior Brightness
High-Output Light Source for Superior Brightness

Projectors are painstakingly aligned with zero tolerance for deviation in order to deliver maximum brightness.

Secondary Color Wheel for Superior Performance
Secondary Color Wheel for Superior Performance

The synchronized dual color wheels in projectors employ an additive yellow segment that helps precisely reproduce the RGBY spectrum for optimal chromatic performance.

Hermetically Sealed DLP Chip for Superior Durability

The DLP chip in every projector is a precise instrument, built with over two million micromirrors that reflect pure light through the color wheel. In order to provide accurate and reliable performance over the long term, this DLP chip is hermetically sealed so that it can resist heat for over 100,000 hours without degradation.

Reduce Maintenance So IT Staff Can Focus on Things That Matter
Reduce Maintenance So IT Staff Can Focus on Things That Matter
Dustproofed by True Experts

BenQ projectors are protected by robust anti-dust technology that’s been verified again and again by stringent dustproofing tests. Comprehensive dustproofing improves the stability and lifespan of BenQ projectors, which can save your school time and money.

Dustproofed by True Experts
Specially Engineered Design and Structure

BenQ Higher Education Projectors employ Anti-Dust Accumulation Sensors and Sealed Engines to offer top-grade protection against dust.

Dustproofed by True Experts
Internationally Recognized IP5X-Certified Dustproof Technology

The BenQ Higher Education Projectors engine has been IP5X-certified to offer complete, internationally recognized protection against hair, dust, and any other particulate matter that could hamper performance.

Dustproofed by True Experts
Built to Withstand Rigorous BenQ-Exclusive Dust Testing

BenQ’s projectors are put through an exclusive Accelerated Dust Test to simulate years of use in harsh environments, as well as a Composited Dust Test that uses a mixture of dust types to model performance in real-life conditions, in order to ensure maximum reliability in any operating environment.

Dust Guard Boost Reliability and Reduce Maintenance Frequency

The Anti-Dust Accumulation Sensor in Dust Guard projectors prevents dust from accumulating inside. Internationally recognized IP5X certification and BenQ’s exclusive dust-proof testing guarantee that Dust Guard projectors are well protected from dust in any environment.

Dust Guard Pro Sealed Optical Engine for Impenetrable Protection
Dust Guard Pro Sealed Optical Engine for Impenetrable Protection

Dust Guard Pro offers even more advanced protection, including a sealed engine that eliminates any chance of dust contaminating the projector’s key components.

No-Decay DLP Technology for Performance That Lasts

Built with industrial-grade DLP technology, BenQ Higher Education Projectors maintain perfect picture quality over the long term by eliminating color decay.

No-Decay DLP Technology for Performance That Lasts
Exceptional Installation Flexibility
Exceptional Installation Flexibility

Thoughtful design maximizes installation options, providing ultimate flexibility when installing projectors in limited spaces.

Big Zoom for
No-Hassle Upgrading

Big Zoom capability makes it easy for your school to replace outdated projectors. Big Zoom lets you install BenQ Higher Education Projectors with existing ceiling mounts and project large-scale images in restricted spaces.

Big Zoom for No-Hassle Upgrading
Vertical Lens Shift
for Perfect Image Accuracy

BenQ’s vertical lens shift systems make it easy to adjust the projection until it’s properly proportioned, allowing for perfect images even in spaces with installation challenges.

Vertical Lens Shift for Perfect Image Accuracy
Easy Maintenance for Lower Expenditures

Centralize the management of projectors in your school and allow IT personnel to control the whole system from one place to save time and labor.

Manage and Maintain All Projectors from One Location

BenQ Higher Education Projectors are compatible with leading projector control systems including Extron, Crestron, AMX and PJ-Link to grant your IT staff control of the projector network from a centralized location.

Manage and Maintain All  Projectors from One Location
Save Time and Labor with Centralized Control

The BenQ Multiple Display Administrator (MDA) software provides powerful centralized multiple-projector management. Your IT staff will be able to remotely control power on and shutdown and also schedule content or power states for projectors across the whole campus.

Save Time and Labor  with Centralized Control
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