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LW600ST Short Throw WXGA LED Golf Simulator Projector with High Installation Flexibility

Special Promotion
    LW600ST Short Throw WXGA LED Golf Simulator Projector with High Installation Flexibility
    Special Promotion

      Maintenance free performance with LED technology

      BenQ LED projectors eliminate the hassle and cost of installing replacement lamps while providing long lasting 20,000-hour light.  You can also start projecting right away without waiting for a lamp to warm up. Turn on the projector again within 8 secs after power off and restart it up in no time.

      Exclusive Golf Mode for vivid greens and blues

      BenQ golf simulator projectors perfectly reproduce the lush greens and vivid blues of golf courses.  BenQ teamed up with color experts to develop an exclusive Golf Mode that optimizes the blue sky and the green grass color. This allows golfers to immerse themselves in pleasantly natural reproductions of blue sky and green grass.

      Cinema-level color gamut with 95% REC709 coverage

      The LW600ST’s LED light source with 95% Rec. 709 coverage, the industry-wide standard for color reproduction in HD video and movies. guarantees higher color saturation and greater color precision compared to lamp projectors. Enjoy golf, movies, and games in perfect color, knowing that what you’re seeing on screen is exactly what the director intended. In addition, the increased color ratios and pure laser-generated RGBY hues dramatically enhance color saturation and guarantee superior projected image quality compared to lamp projectors.

      Placement outside hit zone plus no shadows with 0.72-0.87 throw ratio

      For most golf simulation setups, a short throw projector helps you put the projector where it is needed to fill the screen while being mounted safely outside the hitting area and without casting a shadow.  With 0.72-0.87 throw ratios, the LW600ST can project a 171” image (8x12ft (screen size); 91x146inches (actual viewable size)) within just 9 feet from the screen, as an example, delivering a large picture without the expense of optional lenses.

      Ideal projection alignment with 2D keystone and corner fit

      To counteract the trapezoid effect that can occur when a projector is installed or placed off-center, the LW600ST offers a 2D keystone correction range of up to ±30° on both the horizontal and vertical axes. Corner Fit control adjusts each corner for perfectly aligned image geometry.

      Easy switch of aspect ratios with the screen fill function

      The LW600ST features Screen Fill, which allows the projector to easily switch from native resolution to best match your desired aspect ratio with maximized pixel counts while avoiding image distortion, all with just a few clicks in the on-screen menu. You don’t need to go into graphics card settings, which saves time and hassle. 

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