WiT Lighting

Thank you for choosing BenQ WiT Lighting Products!
In order to protect your legal rights and eliminating your worries about buying BenQ products, BenQ Intelligent Technology (Hong Kong) Company Limited("BenQ")would make the following warranty service commitments to you, and provide you with standard warranty services.

A. Warranty Period
● From the date of purchase, BenQ provides the following warranty service for BenQ WiT e-Reading lamp products:



Warranty Period (from the date of purchase)

Service Method

WiT series
All series


Lamp body (with desk clamp)

Warranty Period (from the date of purchase)

3 years

Service Method

Self carry-in



Stand, Floor stand

Warranty Period (from the date of purchase)

3 years

Service Method

Self carry-in

Remarks: Any accessories that are not specified are not covered by the warranty;


B. Warranty Statements

● OEM products or marketing gifts, except for special instructions, do not provide warranty services.
● The parts mentioned in the warranty period should not be as a commitment and description of the product configuration. The product configuration should be based on the specific model you purchased.
● In order to prevent parallel imports and stolen BenQ products from being sent for repair service, the warranty card and the original purchase receipt must be presented to BenQ authorized service provider before the product repair. Photocopy or fax copies are not accepted. If you could not present a valid purchase invoice and warranty card, or the information on the warranty card could not match the product, or is altered and not be identified, the warranty period of the product will be calculated based on the product's production date as the warranty start date.
● Machines repaired by BenQ authorized service centers will continue to enjoy the warranty period of the original machine. If the remaining warranty period is less than 30 days after the repair, the repaired parts will be renewed for 30 days from the date of repair, at that time, please present a valid repair record.
● Within warranty period, the disassembled parts would belong to BenQ.
● BenQ reserves the right to amend or cancel the terms and conditions of the service policy and related offers without prior notice or any compensation. 


C.  Exclusions

● The machine or parts of this product have exceeded the warranty period.
● Failure or damage caused by failure to follow the instructions/error/improper use, storage, maintenance or operation of the product.
● Natural consumption, wear and aging of consumable materials.
● Product failure or damage caused by installation, repair, modification or disassembly by non-BenQ authorized service organizations. (The machine warranty label/anti-tamper label has traces of removal, damage or loss)
● When the product serial number does not match or damaged or unclear.

● Products purchased by non-BenQ Hong Kong and Macau sales channels.

● External equipment, non-BenQ factory installed, additional third-party products and/or parts, and installed or additional products and/or parts according to customer requirements.
● Due to accidental factors or man-made reasons or non-product specified working environment, etc. (including computer viruses, forgotten passwords, random changes to BIOS settings, bumps, scratches, high temperature/low temperature, excessive humidity or dryness, high altitude, abnormal physical pressure, electromagnetic interference, unstable power supply, electrostatic interference, excessive zero-to-ground voltage, improper input voltage, failure of the electrical system to be grounded, liquid injection, corrosion, improper plugging and unplugging, foreign object transfer in, rodent damage, insect damage Etc.) cause the failure or damage.

● Failure or damage caused by force majeure such as natural disasters (such as earthquakes, fires, lightning, etc.)

● The user privately alters or replaces the logo and part number of the BenQ product.
● Other failures or damages not caused by product design, technology, manufacturing, quality and other issues


D.  Paid Service Charge

1. Paid Service charge standard:

(1)Labour cost

Model Inspection fee (HKD) Repair fee (HKD)
All series
Inspection fee (HKD)
Repair fee (HKD)
Inspection fee (HKD)
Inspection, simple cleaning, etc
Repair fee (HKD)

Repair and repair internal parts such as lamps and drivers

(2)Material cost

Refers to the replacement or repair parts, repair consumables and other material costs, which are priced uniformly by BenQ, and customers can inquire at the BenQ service center.
(3)Paid Service Charge terms and conditions:
<1> If it is not repaired after the inspection and quotation, or it is repaired only by debugging (without disassembly the machine), the inspection fee is the service charge. 
<2> If the machine is disassembled and repaired, the total service charge would be the repair fee and the material cost.


2. Other terms and conditions

(1)All charging standard of BenQ authorized service provider is unified by BenQ, and shall not exceed the above charging standard during the implementation process.
(2)BenQ would provide a 90-day warranty for the replaced repair parts from the date of repair.
(3)If there are no spare parts, BenQ may not provide fee-based service.

(4)All parts replaced during repair belongs to BenQ.
(5)All policies are subjected to Hong Kong national laws and regulations.

(6)This policy is written in Chinese and English. In case of dispute, the Chinese version shall prevail.

(7)BenQ reserves the rights to amend or cancel the terms and conditions of the service policy and related offers without prior notice or any compensation.



E. Exchange Policy

● In order to ensure the rights and interests of customers, please check whether the packaging and products are damaged when receiving the products; meanwhile, keep all packaging materials for at least 7 days (from the date of purchase), otherwise BenQ has the right to refuse the request for replacement.