Interactive Display

Thank you for choosing BenQ LCD series products

In order to protect your legal rights and eliminating your worries about buying BenQ products, BenQ Intelligent Technology
(Hong Kong)Company Limited("BenQ")would make the following warranty service commitments to you, and provide you with standard warranty services.


A. Warranty Period
● From the date of purchase, BenQ provides the following warranty service for large interactive displays:

Series   Warranty Period (from the date of purchase) Service Method
All series
Warranty Period (from the date of purchase)
3 years
Service Method

3-year onsite pickup

Warranty Period (from the date of purchase)
1 year
Service Method
Self carry-in
Power cord, signal cables
Warranty Period (from the date of purchase)
1 month
Service Method
Self carry-in


1. Any accessories that are not specified are not covered by the warranty;

2. Free onsite pickup service is only provided in Hong Kong and Macau, except for Hong Kong outlying islands and villages in New Territories;
3. Remote areas such as Tung Chung and outlying islands are not within the scope of free onsite pickup service. BenQ can provide paid onsite maintenance services for product within the warranty period in Tung Chung and outlying islands. The charges are as follows:

Onsite District Onsite Fee
Onsite District
Tung Chung
Onsite Fee
Onsite District
Outlying Islands
Onsite Fee

4. There is an additional charge for picking up or delivering the machine if there are stairs.
5. Please arrange the uninstallation/installation by yourself. BenQ on-site service will not provide free installation and uninstallation services.



B. Warranty Statements
 Since the current manufacturing technology of LCD panels on the market cannot guarantee 100% no defective bright or dark spots, we do not provide a guarantee for no defective bright/dark spots on the LCD panel.

 The warranty of the machines in projects or tenders will be determined separately by the project method, and the above warranty service is not applicable.

● Please avoid using any cleaning solvent or glass cleaner to wipe the LCD screen.

 BenQ will use new parts or refurbished parts for repairing the product without affecting the function of the product. The disassembled parts would belong to BenQ.

● For repairs outside the warranty, you may pay BenQ Authorized Service Provider for the repair costs include parts costs, repair labor costs, freight, transportation fees, etc. (depending on different product lines). Among them, the parts cost BenQ will give quotations depending on the condition of the parts.

●If the product is out of the warranty period or policy, there would be HKD2000 inspection and transportation charge when it is not repaired after quotation.

 When installing the machine please (1) at least two people; (2) hold tight the machine when unpacking and installing; (3) do not press the panel; (4) there should be no other objects under assembly and keep clear the assembly environment. It will not be covered by the warranty if the machine is damaged due to the installation process.



C.  Exclusions
● The machine or parts of this product have exceeded the warranty period.
● Failure or damage caused by failure to follow the instructions/error/improper use, storage, maintenance or operation of the product (Such as plugging and unplugging the data cables, non-USB external devices when power is on, etc.)
● Natural consumption, wear and aging of consumable materials (outer case, plug-in parts, etc.).
● Product failure or damage caused by installation, repair, modification or disassembly by non-BenQ authorized service organizations. (The machine warranty label/anti-tamper label has traces of removal, damage or loss)
● When the product serial number does not match or damaged or unclear.
● Products purchased by non-BenQ Hong Kong and Macau sales channels.
● External equipment, non-BenQ factory installed, additional third-party products and/or parts, and installed or additional products and/or parts according to customer requirements.
● Due to accidental factors or man-made reasons or non-product specified working environment, etc. (including computer viruses, forgotten passwords, random changes to BIOS settings, bumps, scratches, high temperature/low temperature, excessive humidity or dryness, high altitude, abnormal physical pressure, electromagnetic interference, unstable power supply, electrostatic interference, excessive zero-to-ground voltage, improper input voltage, failure of the electrical system to be grounded, liquid injection, corrosion, improper plugging and unplugging, foreign object transfer in, rodent damage, insect damage Etc.) cause the failure or damage.
● Failure or damage caused by the use of pirated or other unauthorized software, non-standard or unpublished software.
● Failure or damage caused by force majeure such as natural disasters (such as earthquakes, fires, lightning, etc.)
● The user privately alters or replaces the logo and part number of the BenQ product.
● Other failures or damages not caused by product design, technology, manufacturing, quality and other issues


D. Pixel bright dot/dark dot policy

1. In the monochrome screen, if there is an R or G or B bright pixel (the light-emitting area is greater than 1/2 of the pixel), which is called a bright dot; In white screen or corresponding monochrome screen, if there is an R or G or B dark pixel on the screen (the non-luminous area is greater than 1/2 of the pixel), which is called a dark dot.

2. Inspection requirements for bright dot and dark dot: visual inspection requires lighting environment (300-700 lux), face up and a minimum distance of 4* panel thickness from the display, and each inspection screen observe for 3-5 seconds.

3. Specifications of bright dots and dark dots (3, 12, 15): When the number of bright dots is greater than 3 or the number of dark dots is greater than 12, replace will be accepted.

4. Bright dot/dark dot warranty period: within 30 days from the date of purchase.


E.  Paid Service Charge
1. Paid Service charge standard:

(1)  Labour cost


Inspection fee (HKD/pc)

Repair fee (HKD/pc)


Inspection fee (HKD/pc)

Repair fee (HKD/pc)


(2) Material cost

Refers to the replacement or repair parts, repair consumables and other material costs, which are priced uniformly by BenQ, and customers can inquire at the BenQ service center.
(3) Door-to-door onsite fee

Onsite district Onsite fee
Onsite district
Areas other than the outlying islands of Hong Kong and village houses in the New Territories
Onsite fee
Onsite district
The outlying islands of Hong Kong and village houses in the New Territories
Onsite fee
inquire BenQ authorized service provider

(4)  Paid Service Charge terms and conditions:
   <1>  If it is not repaired after the inspection and quotation, or it is repaired only by debugging (without disassembly the machine), the inspection fee is the service charge. 
   <2>  If the machine is disassembled and repaired, the total service charge would be the repair fee and the material cost.
   <3>  If onsite pickup, it is not repaired after the inspection and quotation, or it is repaired only by debugging (without disassembly the machine), the total service charge would be the inspection fee and the onsite fee.
   <4>  If onsite pickup, the machine is disassembled and repaired, the total service charge would be the repair fee, the material cost and onsite fee.
2.  Other terms and conditions
(1) All charging standard of BenQ authorized service provider is unified by BenQ, and shall not exceed the above charging standard during the implementation process.
(2) BenQ would provide a 90-day warranty for the replaced repair parts from the date of repair.
(3) If there are no spare parts, BenQ may not provide fee-based service.
(4) All parts replaced during repair belongs to BenQ.
(5) All policies are subjected to Hong Kong national laws and regulations.

(6) This policy is written in Chinese and English. In case of dispute, the Chinese version shall prevail.

(7) BenQ reserves the rights to amend or cancel the terms and conditions of the service policy and related offers without prior notice or any compensation.