What can I do when the speaker is connected to a Windows-based computer and produces no sound or the sound volume is too low?


1. In Windows-based computers, please click the speaker icon on the bottom right corner of the screen. Please select the correct speaker icon:

  • If only want to play audio, please select 【treVolo U XXXX Stereo】
  • If an audio recording function is required, please select 【treVolo U XXX Hands-Free AG Audio】

Once clicked, the following interface should appear:

2. If the speaker is shown as in the below photo, please click the speaker icon again to cancel mute. 

Once clicked, the X marker should be off, which means mute is off. 

3. To adjust the sound volume, once complete you should hear a sound signaling the loudness level of the new sound volume setting. 

4. If audio is still too low, you can right-click the speaker icon on the bottom-right-hand side and open up the 【Open Sound Settings】interface. 

Then adjust the volume slider according to personal preference. 

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