Why doesn't the speaker pair with my Bluetooth device?


Please check that:

1. The Bluetooth LED on the speaker is flashing blue, indicating that the
    speaker is searchable.


2. Bluetooth is enabled on your device.

3. You have selected “treVolo U” in the Bluetooth device list on your
    device and the connection has been confirmed by your device.

4. Your Bluetooth device may be too far away from the speaker,
    try moving the device closer to the speaker.

5. You do not move your speaker closer to any nearby device(s)
    that may cause electro-magnetic interference.

6. You turn off all other adjacent Bluetooth devices or disable their
    Bluetooth functionality if possible.

7. The device supports the A2DP profile.

8. Unplug all cables and cords.
    Then press and hold the power button for 10 seconds or more to
    force the speaker to shut down. Turn on the speaker on and pair with
    your device.

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