How can I troubleshoot a failed firmware upgrade via Display Quickit?


Please check below the notes or refer to our FAQ video for more details.

  • Check if your monitor model is compatible with Display Quickit.
  • Check if your operating system is compatible with Display Quickit.
  • Check if the connection is active.
  • Disable any anti-virus software.
  • Run BenQ Display Quickit by using an administrator account.
  • Remove any USB hubs and USB cables from the monitor and your computer before starting the update process.
  • For Windows, unzip the file in the root directory of C:\ or D:\, then execute it.
  • For Mac, move the file to Applications and execute it.
  • Use Reset All in the monitor OSD and power button off/on.

Please provide the Display Quickit log to your BenQ local service center for further assistance if you still can't update via Display Quickit. Please refer to the video for how to get the log file for Display Quickit.

Applicable Models

EX2710Q, EX2710U, EX3210U, PD2705U

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