How come the in-game settings for resolution and refresh rate show differently from the monitor OSD information? (For example, on EX270QM, the in-game setting is 2K@240Hz, but monitor OSD shows 4K@120Hz.)


These cases happen in some games such as Valorant, while players choose “Scaling by Display” in their graphics card control panel. Since the monitor is a passive device, it passively receives the signal output from a graphics card (which also needs to cooperate with the software). Compatibility issues from games and graphics might also cause the issue. 

Suggest to try the following steps:

1. Update your graphic card drivers to the latest version.
2. Run your graphic card control panel applications:

  • For NVIDIA's graphic card:

   1. Select "Adjust desktop size and position" under the "Display" section
       on the left taskbar.
   2. Select "Perform scaling on:" by "GPU"

    *Note: you can select a scaling mode like Aspect ratio / Full-screen /
      No scaling to adjust.

  • For AMD's graphic card: 

   1. Select "Display" Tab
   2. Enable the "GPU Scaling" under Display Options.

   *Note: you can select a scaling mode like Aspect ratio / Full-screen /
     No scaling to adjust.

3. Restart your PC.
4. Run the game and select your preferred resolution to see if the refresh
    rate problem is solved.

If the above settings don't work, it is recommended to use Windowed Fullscreen (if available) as an alternative. 

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