What is BenQ Burn-In Cleaner?


BenQ Burn-In Cleaner is designed to eliminate image sticking.

Screen burn-in or image sticking may occur if a still image is displayed on screen for an extended period of time. Enable BenQ Burn-In Cleaner to help reduce burn-in that may be caused by retained lines, shades, or patterns that have remained on the screen for prolonged periods.

To do this, the monitor shows three different patterns and switches between these patterns rapidly. The recommended execution period is 30 minutes.

Please check the image stick or burn-in again after 30 mins. If still visible, please keep running Burn-In Cleaner until the issue is resolved.

If the image sticking issue disappears, press any of the control keys to stop the process.


How to enable this function

1. Select Menu from the hotkey menu 

2. Select System

3. Go to the subpage Burn-in Cleaner and select YES to enable it.

4. Keep it running for around 30 minutes.

5. Press any of the control keys to disable it.


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