What is emulated HDR?


The emulated HDR offers a virtual HDR visual effect to your content.

If the content is in SDR format and you still want to experience HDR visual performance, you can thus enjoy a better visual experience. 

Turn on the HDR mode on the OSD (OSD > Color/Picture menu > HDR). 

Once our monitor detects the content you’re going to play is non-HDR, it will automatically turn on the emulated HDR.


OSD message:

Applicable Models

EW3280U, EX2710, EX2780Q, EL2870U, EW277HDR, EW3270U, EX3203R, EX3501R, PD2700U , PD2720U, SW271, EX2710Q, EX2710S , EW2880U, EX3210U, EX2710U, EX240N

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