Why does my ScreenBar Halo light flash?


The flashing of your ScreenBar Halo light usually indicates that the power supply is insufficient. Here are a few potential reasons and solutions:

  1. Insufficient Power Output: The light may flash if the USB port or adapter you're using does not meet ScreenBar Halo's minimum power requirements. ScreenBar Halo requires a power supply with at least 5V and 1.5A.
  2. Use of an Incorrect USB Port: Sometimes, not all USB ports on a device deliver the same amount of power. Try switching to a different USB port on your device that might offer a higher power output.
  3. Use of USB Extension Cable: If you use a USB extension cable, it might cause a voltage drop, which leads to insufficient power reaching your ScreenBar Halo. Try connecting the Halo directly to a USB port or a suitable USB adapter.
  4. Faulty USB Adapter: Check if the USB adapter is faulty. You can test the adapter with another device to see if the problem persists or try a different adapter with your ScreenBar Halo.

To resolve the issue, ensure that you use a direct connection from the Halo to a USB port or an adapter that meets or exceeds the recommended output of 5V and 1.5A. Always verify the output specifications on your power sources to avoid such issues.

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