Can I use the Android TV stick as a hotspot for screen mirroring?


The steps are different for the QS01 and QS02 Android TV sticks. You can check the photo below, or find the model name of your Android TV stick in your user manual.


  • QS01 Android TV stick   

    1. Go to "Settings"


2. Go to "Network & Internet" to make sure Wi-Fi is turned off.


3. Go to "Wireless Projection"


4. Click "OK" on the remote control


5. Connect your iPhone to the QS01 hotpot


  • QS02 Android TV stick
    QS02 doesn't support hotspot functionality for screen mirroring. 

1. For Windows system, we suggest you connect your desktop and the 
    QS02 to the same network (SSID) for screen mirroring through 
    Google Chrome.
    For additional instructions, please visit

2. For MacOS desktop, please download Wireless Projection for iOS and
    connect your MacOS device and the QS02 to the sane network (SSID)
    for screening mirroring through AirPlay directly.
    For additional instructions, please visit:

Applicable Models

QS02, W2710i (HT3560i), GP500, GS50, GV11, GV30, TK700STi, V7000i, V7050i , W1800i, X3000i

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