BenQ Introduces First Wireless Business Projectors to Utilize NFC Technology for Wireless Projection: MW665+ and MX666+

BenQ Introduces First Wireless Business Projectors to Utilize NFC Technology for Wireless Projection: MW665+ and MX666+

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TAIPEI, TAIWAN, December18th, 2014 – Internationally renownedprovider of digital lifestyle and global DLP® projector leader, BenQ announcedtoday two new additions to its business projector lineup: the MW665+ and MX666+.Designed and built to support the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend, thewireless projectors mobilize business professionals, knowledge workers andpresenters constantly on the road with tapNshowTM,theworld’s first wireless business presentation solution enabled by NFC (NearField Communication) technology. With tapNshowTM and BenQ’s proprietary presentation apps and projector design, businessproposals can be presented professionally and confidently with a simple tapusing an Android NFC-enabled smart device. The NFC wireless projection functionis available through the purchase of the MW665+ and/or MX666+, which comeswith a Quick Wireless NFC Kit – great news for corporate buyers seeking the highestprojector performance at the best value. Another option to present with anNFC-enabled smart device would be to purchase BenQ’s VGA Wireless Dongle-QPro.The wireless dongle is compatible with all BenQ projectors, including theMW665+ and MX666+.

“90%of end users in the new millennial workplace now use their personal smartphonesat work to stay productive in the office and on the go*. It was imperativeto tailor our business projection solutions to meet this trending need formobility and versatility,” (NAME), (TITLE). “Already, we gained a 30% growthrate for our business projectors and experienced substantial growth for ourwireless dongles in 2014 Q3**. Thus, with great confidence, we steppedforward to build the world’s first NFC-enabled wireless business projectors,the MW665+ and the MX666+, and tapNshowTM wireless projectionsolution. By doing so, we hope to truly empower business presenters with moreconvenience, confidence and ease.”

TheMW665+ and MX666+ Wireless Business Projectors

PresentingWirelessly and Professionally with High Confidence

Withwireless projection capabilities enabled by NFC and wireless connectivity, the MW665+and MX666+ enable business professionals to present smarter, faster and moreflexibly with a comprehensive selection of wireless projection solutions, from theQuick Wireless NFC Kit for presenting with an NFC-enabled smart device, to theQuick USB for setting up a notebook presentation in just 40 seconds, and the VGAWireless Dongle-QPro for turning the cabled projector wireless for morepresentation freedom. Other feature highlights of the MW665+ and MX666+ include:

·Easy and versatileimage correction:To meet the challenges posed by any business setting, the projectors offer 2DKeystone for trapezoid distortion correction and side projection support andCorner Fit for projection on restricted or uneven space.

·Stellar imageperformance:The projectors are equipped with high native contrast to ensure optimal clarityand enhanced sharpness, especially for numerical data, and high brightness forconsistently bright hues and high clarity in relatively bright settings. Theyalso ensure a visually stimulating presentation time and time again withcaptivating, lifelike colors produced by a six-segment color wheel andexclusive color management tools that independently fine-tune the hue, grainand saturation levels of the six colors (RGBCMY).

·High energy and costefficiency: Additionalcost-saving features, such as BenQ’s SmartEcoTM Technology and LANControl, are also included to ensure the highest energy saving and the lowestmaintenance efforts.

BenQ Quick Wireless NFC Kit

The Fast and Easy Way toDeliver Wireless Business Presentations

Availablethrough the purchase of the MW665+ or MX666+ wireless business projectors, theQuick Wireless NFC Kit includes an NFC Wireless Dongle, NFC card, NFC stickerand Quick USB. It is fast and easy to set up and use for wireless display withany device, whether it’s a notebook, tablet or smartphone. Just connect the NFCWireless Dongle to the projector and tap it with your NFC-enabled smart device to download the tapNshow™ app and the QPresenter Pro app forpresentation support. For handling ceiling-mounted projectors and large venues,tap the NFC card or sticker instead to begin presenting. They can be placed ata convenient location for quick device pairing. Each NFC sticker and card is builtwith a unique SSID that can only be matched to the wireless SSID of itsdesignated projector, so the right content is always projected to the rightprojector – error-free. A tapNshowTM NFC sticker pack is availablefor purchase to replace lost cards or to support for large-scale seminars andconferences.

VGA Wireless Dongle-QPro

Lightweightand Compact to Carry Wherever You Go

Asa part of the tapNshowTM wireless projection solution for businessapplications, the VGA Wireless Dongle-QPro is designed to free presenters fromlugging around heavy notebooks and turn cabled projectors wireless. It is quickand easy to set up as long as there’s a VGA cable to connect the dongle to andInternet access. The best option to present wirelessly with this dongle is usingit with an NFC-enabled smart device. The built-in NFC tag inside the VGAWireless Dongle-QPro can connect an Android NFC-enabled smart device to the projectorwith a simple tap – quick and easy. Another option would be to connect thedongle to the projector’s VGA cable first, and then link the smart device tothe projector via wireless connection like how you would a wireless USB dongle.With this established connection, presenters can also access and share Dropboxfiles during their presentation. The VGA Wireless Dongle-QPro is powered byBenQ Power Bank, which comes with the purchase, and by connecting it to a USBadapter.

TheBenQ MW665+ and MX666+ wireless business projectors together with the QuickWireless NFC Kit will be available to the worldwide market in December 2014,followed by the VGA wireless dongle-QPro in January 2015. For more information,please visit