BenQ Expands Eye-Care Interactive Flat Panel Lineup with the All-New 84” 10-Point Multi-Touch RP840G for a Wide Range of Interactive Classroom Applications

BenQ Expands Eye-Care Interactive Flat Panel Lineup with the All-New 84” 10-Point Multi-Touch RP840G for a Wide Range of Interactive Classroom Applications


TAIPEI,TAIWAN, September 24nd,2014 – BenQ, an internationallyrenowned provider of digital lifestyle innovations and LED monitor expert, proudlyannounced today the expansion of its Eye-Care Interactive Flat Panel (IFP)lineup with the launch of the RP840G. Designed to enhance classroominteractivity and collaboration with a new level of versatility, the 84” interactiveflat panel uses 10-point multi-touch technology to maximize screen sensitivityand touch capability. Its stunning 4K resolution on the ultra-high-definition(UHD) screen combined with BenQ’s exclusive eye-care features like anti-glareglass treatment and Low Blue Light Technology further ensures the highestviewing quality and comfort for teachers and students. Other popular featuresand software are also incorporated into the RP840G for added convenience and abetter learning experience, including multi-platform and ChromeBook support,touch driver-free set-up, QCast and DisplayNote. Inevery aspect, the RP840G is a true testament to BenQ’s aspiration tobring enjoyment and quality to teaching and learning with technologicalinnovations that matter to every facet of education.

BenQ’s new RP840Ginteractive flat panel offers educators today a comprehensive solution tofoster dynamic, interactive and collaborative learning in class. So everylesson can be delivered effectively to maximize the learning experience ofevery learner. The 84” UHD interactive flat panel boasts the latest 4Kresolution, packing in 3840 x 2160 pixels for a stunningly clearer picture andenough room for four students to share their ideas on one display. It is also abreakthrough for its class, incorporating 10-point multi-touch technology to providea responsive, high-precision interface for classroom instruction and an innovativeplatform for stimulated participation and enthusiasm, as it allows morestudents to interact and collaborate simultaneously.

As eye care has beenone of BenQ’s key focuses for display product research and development, theRP840G is designed in every way to help care for the eye health of all users inthe education market. The 84” screen offers an expansive view of all thecontents displayed without annoying visual interferences like reflections, glareor fingerprints. This allows for larger eye-to-panel distance and lesssquinting for a more comfortable and healthier viewing experience. The Low BlueLight Modes, which reduce harmful blue light emission by up to 70%, furtherprevent eyestrain and safeguard users’ eye health from any permanent damage tothe retina.

To support a widerange of education environments and applications, the RP840G is built to workwith multiple operating platforms, ensuring the smoothest presentation using aWindows, Mac, or Linux computer or Chromebook. What’s more, it is touchdriver-free, operable with a simple plug and play to do away with the hasslesof complex set-up tasks such as downloading and installing touch drivers underWindows. Users will also appreciate the additional presentation supportprovided by the software bundles. The QCast softwareenables seamless wireless streaming and mirroring of all digital contentsthrough a BenQ WiFi dongle, empowering teachers to enrich their lesson planswit4 a variety of multimedia resources. The DisplayNote software isdownloadable using the DisplayNote license key for additional support,including wireless presentation, wireless desktop control, real-time collaboration,and crossplatform solution.

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