BenQ Launches New Special Signage Displays to Attend Unique Demands of Commercial Users: Dual Side Displays, Bar Type Displays, Transparent Displays

BenQ Launches New Special Signage Displays to Attend Unique Demands of Commercial Users: Dual Side Displays, Bar Type Displays, Transparent Displays


TAIPEI,TAIWAN, September 18th,2014 – BenQ, an internationallyrenowned provider of digital lifestyle innovations and LED monitor expert, proudlyannounced today the launch of its new special signage display product lineup.The lineup is comprised of three main types of displays – Dual Side, Bar Type andTransparent. Each type of display is designed and built to serve the specialcommercial information or advertisement display needs in its own way: the DualSide displays for a wide variety of public information display usages ingeneral commercial venues, the Bar Type displays for added display flexibilityin small or narrow spaces, and the Transparent displays for a truly innovativeand interactive display experience. BenQ is excited to bring more special signageproducts into the market in the future, offering the highest display quality,flexibility and reliability. With keen eyes forinnovative display design, BenQ will also continue to lead the way to bringbetter display experience to advertisers and consumers.

Dual Side Displays: DH550C/DL550C/DH550F/DL550F

Designed for maximumaround-the-clock public information display flexibility, the Dual Side possessesa dual display with dual content and dual brightness accompanied with anaero-thin design. Used vertically or mounted from a wall or ceiling, indoor oroutdoor, this digital signage supports a wide range of content demonstrationpossibilities in a variety of locations, including airports, train stations,transportation hubs, convenient stores, department stores, as well as for replacingtraditional light box advertisement with electronic information andadvertisement display.

  • ·Landscape andVertical Display Orientation: The Dual Side can be displayed in landscapeorientation. It is also optimized for portrait mode, employing a structurefeaturing more solid fixing points on all edges to prevent “Mura” imagedistortion common on vertically positioned consumer displays.

  • ·Dual Brightness withStand or Ceiling Type: TheDual Side can display different levels of brightness,450 nits or different levels of brightness (450nits/700nits) on a stand ormounted from the ceiling or wall. This gives you up to 4 different usage stylesfor displaying advertisements.

  • ·Slim &Lightweight:The Dual Side set with its aero-thin panel design is much slimmer and lighterthan normal two-side displays. The overall size of a hanging ceiling-type DualSide display set is less than 25mm, making it an ultra-versatile choice foradvertisers seeking to make immediate and more attractive adjustments to thelayout design of their store or event information at anytime to grab theircustomers’ attention.

Bar Type Displays: BH280/BH380

As suggested by itsname, the Bar Type Display Panel has a uniquely long-structured body that israre to the market. Intended for information display in small or narrow spaces,this display panel is ideal for transmittinginformation in venues such as transportation centers, government agencyoffices, bank/post office counters, convenient stores, store shelves and exhibitionsas well.

  • ·SpecialProportion PID Panel: TheBar Type posses specially proportioned sizes that are wider than conventionalPID panels, making it more suitable for special demands.

  • ·High BrightnessDisplay for Indoors and Out: With the Smart Light function, the level ofbrightness of this digital signage can reach to over 700 nits for the bestviewing quality in multiple environments, even under the sun.

  • ·Superior Reliabilityfor Low TCO:The metal case that wraps around and protects the digital signage is much morereliable than a plastic case. It also offers better support for indooradvertising suspension or use in transportation centers.

Transparent Displays: TL320F/TL500F/TL650F/TL320C

BenQ’sTransparent Box displays is an even more rarity in the market today with itsduo-display function, which allows consumers to see the actual product insidethe box while simultaneously watch the advertisement of the product on theoutside screen. Truly innovative and interactive, the Transparent Box displays canbe used widely to display new products in store windows, museum exhibitions andeven in vending machines. The currently available dimensions are 32”, 50” and65”. Bigger sizes can be custom-ordered to meet various commercial activityneeds.

  • ·Aesthetic Designwith an Innovative Appeal:A Transparent Box display with an interactive screen effect can turn ordinarymerchandise and image information displays into featured attractions thatconsumers can’t take off their eyes on. It is a great way to display andpromote new products in vending machines and store windows. By utilizing amulti-functional machine, advertisers can take the advantage to interact withtheir customers and benefit from making a memorable impression

  • ·Rich Inputs & Built-inSpeakers for Audiovisual Showcase: The Transparent Display is not only equipped withmultiple inputs (VGA/HDMI/SD/CF/USB) to bring an abundance of information beforeyour audience at any time, but also installed with two built-in 2W speakers to immersethem with a truly multimedia display experience.

  • ·Plug-and-PlayContent with USB Playback:Transfer contents to be displayed into the Transparent Display via a USB flashdrive instead of fussing with cables and complex settings. This featuresupports most popular file formats such as MP4 and JPEG for display orplayback.

  • ·Open Frame Designfor High Adaptability:The open-frame transparent panel allows users to adjust its panel transparencyaccording to the environmental light source and the style and feature of thedisplayed content. Available in 32”, 50” and 65”, the Transparent Box displays arebest used with multiple digital multimedia contents to enrich every visualdisplay.

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