BenQ Launches the BL3201PT, the World’s First 32”W 4K2K Monitor for CAD/CAM, Animation, Graphic Design and Video-Editing Professionals

BenQ Launches the BL3201PT, the World’s First 32”W 4K2K Monitor for CAD/CAM, Animation, Graphic Design and Video-Editing Professionals


TAIPEI,TAIWAN, August 29th,2014 – BenQ, an internationallyrenowned provider of digital lifestyle innovations and LED monitor expert, announcedtoday the launch of the BL3201PT, the world’s first 32”W 4K2K professional designermonitor and new flagship to BenQ’s extensive BL Series lineup. Designed to meetthe increasingly demanding visual-intensive work required in the fields of CAD/CAM,animation, video editing and graphics arts, the BL3201PT boasts a stunning 32”Wdisplay built with 100% sRGB, IPS technology and the latest 4K2Kultra-high-definition (UHD) resolution for thehighest quality of image display. The monitor offers various custom designmodes to help improve design efficiency, such as CAD/CAM Mode and AnimationMode, accessible through the OSD controller. It also incorporates a wide range ofconnectivity options and display functions like picture-in-picture (PIP) and picture-by-picture(PBP), as well as the exclusive software of Desktop Partition to enhanced work productivity.The BL3201PT not only brings upmost visual precision to professionals with ameticulous eye for detail but also optimal eye comfort with BenQ’s flicker-freetechnology and Low Blue Light Modes.

“The best designs come from fully understanding the needs of the users.The BL3201PT shows our unwavering commitment to provide the best possibledisplay products to our consumers and our effort to always be a step ahead inanswering rising market demands,” said Peter Huang,General Manager of BenQ Technology, “We hope with the launch of thisspectacular 32” 4K2K monitor, more professional designers can benefit from thisdesign and find their work to be more enjoyable.”

The BL3201 designer monitor is designed to enhancethe work efficiency of professional designers working in the CAD/CAM,animation, video editing and graphic arts fields.The 32”W 100% sRGB display with BenQ’s IPStechnology brings reliable color rendition in every detail and at everypossible viewing angle for a great viewing experience. A 3840x2160 4K2Kultra-high-definition (UHD) resolution offers over 300% working space comparingwith a 1920x1080 full-high-definition (FHD) resolution. It also has the highestPPI for the most detailed viewing quality. Additionally, user can access andswitch between custom display modes swiftly by clicking the preset buttons onthe OSD controller, including CAD/CAM Mode for viewing complex wireframes withexceptional clarity, Animation Mode for uncompromising detailed viewing with10-level display brightness adjustment revealing details in darkened areas, andeye-caring Low Blue Light modes to reduce harmful blue light emission.

For enhanced work productivity, the BL3201PT designer monitor allows user to bring different contents togetheronto one display with five USB 3.0 ports and use the SD Card Reader to transferand read files with ease. There is also a rich set of I/O ports for fullmultimedia support, including two HDMI ports, one DP port, one mDP port and oneDVI-DL port. In situations where users need to compare and discuss two imageswith colleagues, the picture-in-picture (PIP) and picture-by-picture (PBP)features can display two or more pictures or display drawings from two PCssimultaneously. On the other hand, the Desktop Partition function, with the aidof BenQ’s Display Pilot software, helps users to better manage and multitaskwith the applications in use by displaying them onto the 32”W display indesired proportions.

Whether the BL3201PT is used as a CAD monitor, a graphic design monitor,an animation monitor or a video-editing monitor, it is great news forprofessional designers seeking superb clarity, color accuracy and precision intheir next display.

The BL3201PT will be available in the U.S., Europe, Australia, Japan andChina in early Q4 this year. For more information, please visit