BenQ and Qisda’s Joint Statement

BenQ and Qisda’s Joint Statement


1. After two years and three months of painstaking trial, we are grateful to the presiding judge for the verdict of not guilty on the charges against BenQ executives K.Y. Lee, Sheaffer Lee, and Eric K.Y. Yu.

2. More than two years ago, prosecutors overlooked the practical requirements and discretion for multinational management, examined them by inadequate laws and regulations, and therefore filed charges against BenQ executives.  The charges once made BenQ facing unprecedented challenges.  Fortunately, the presiding judge conducted a fair and objective trial which clarified all facts. Therefore, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to the discerning and just ruling rendered by the presiding judge.

3. This case has prompted the society and the regulators to, in accordance with the trend of business globalization, review and revise the legislation concerning the provisions of stock option sharing to overseas employees.  The agony suffered by K.Y. Lee, Sheaffer Lee, and Eric K.Y. Yu during the protracted trial process has been compensated by the formation of a sound legislation.

4. Over the past 25 years since its inception, BenQ has accumulated abundant assets of integrity enabling us to retain the trust and support of our customers, banks, and suppliers, which, along with the confidence and concerted effort of all the employees, is critical for the company to pass the ordeal. In the future, BenQ will double its effort as an expression of gratitude and response to their generous support.