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Reproduce True Color, Reveal Infinite Creativity

Devoted to meet the latest professional color standard, BenQ has developed AQCOLOR technology to uphold the concept: “Accurate Reproduction". BenQ has invited color experts to lead the team, and also actively participated in ICC (International Color Consortium) and ISO (International Standard Organization) to establish color-related standards and implementation.

Accuracy Delivers the Ultimate Fidelity

Faithful reproduction of the original colors and ultra wide color gamut unleash your creativity.

To pursue the most accurate and truthful color reproduction, BenQ VideoVue Video Post-Production monitor PV series guarantees the white point (color temperature), gamut, gamma curve and color differences with industry-standard color certification. PV series monitors comply 10-bit color depth with DCI-P3, Rec.709 color gamut spaces, allowing the original colors to be accurately transformed and reproduced from the actual scene with full details and color tones. The optimal brightness uniformity compensation technology can adjust the hundreds of sub-regions of the panel to deliver more than 90% of evenness. And the built-in backlight sensors also brilliantly compensate the diminishing effect and provide stable performance of LED backlight. BenQ VideoVue Video Post-Production monitor PV series can ensure perfect color reproduction across VFX, composition and color grading.

Reproduce Accurate Colors You Can Trust

PV series monitors have built-in 14-bit 3D LUT with 17 x 17 x 17 points, promising impeccable color mixing accuracy. For video professionals to maintain color accuracy easily, PV series monitors are also equipped with BenQ’s exclusive Palette Master Calibration software, allowing professionals to adjust the monitor’s internal image processing IC without altering graphics card’s data. Furthermore, the professionals could also develop their own 3D LUT, and store into the monitor to diversify the color creativity in post-production.

CalMAN VERIFIED Certification

BenQ’s VideoVue monitors have obtained the certification of CalMAN VERIFIED, a verification program which has the display’s setting to an accurate industry-approved standard, ensuring that users are enjoying the industry-standard level performance.


Hardware Calibration Produces Consistent Quality

Hardware calibration allows you to adjust the monitor's internal image processing chip without changing the graphics card output data, keeping displayed images consistent with the original content without being affected by graphic settings.

Brightness Uniformity

Achieved via delicate processes utilizing high precision apparatus to meticulously fine-tune hundreds of sub-regions on the entire screen, BenQ Brightness Uniformity offers perfectly authentic and consistent viewing experiences.

PV Series

Typical Monitor

Work Efficiently with Intuitive Design

GamutDuo enables you to view content simultaneously in different color spaces side-by-side for comparison. Switch to PIP/PBP mode to enable GamutDuo.

Two Sources with Two Colors

Video Format Support

PV series supports 72Hz refresh rate for 24p film content to be displayed at native cadence without pulldown which can distort playback of the source video.

*Only support with HDMI

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