SW2700PT Provides Color Uniformity for Photo Editing

Daniele Barraco

Celebrity, Portrait and Commercial Photographer / Italy​

Italian photographer Daniele Barraco is specialized in entertainment, celebrities, headshots and executive portrait photography.

There are three main features that I always look for in a quality monitor: the first is the hardware calibration, the second is the amplitude of the reproducible Adobe RGB color space and the last, but not least, is the presence of anti-reflective shading hood. SW2700PT has them all.

I’ve been using the BenQ monitors to work on my photographs for some time now. I think these devices are reliable and irreplaceable in my workflow, during the shooting in the tethering phase or in the process of post-production.

Photography has turned into alchemy between art and science as never before, and to control them it is necessary for both to reign in perfect balance.

In my workflow, the monitor is as important as the camera, therefore I think the monitor is such a natural extension of the camera and that's why I demand the highest quality and accuracy.

90% of my work is related to portraits, from the cover of a magazine to the cover of a record album, moving from a corporate business manager’s portrait to a fashion advertising campaign. I have recently had the opportunity to collaborate with a rising Italian brand, Manuel Ritz, for which I have made the advertising campaign and catalogue of the 2016 spring summer collection entrusted to the associated PIL agency.

I also believe that it is important to shoot in tethering directly on the computer, allowing the client and the entire crew to observe the images that have just been taken directly on SW2700PT BenQ monitor, in real time. For the fashion advertising campaign, in which upscale clothes are used, it is vital to have immediate feedback from the art director so we can act quickly and avoid errors or defects that would lead to a waste of time for the fix in post-production.

During the course of my work in creating the catalogue, I need to shoot by comparing the positions of the models after each outfit change, in order for them to be consistent for each outfit. Thanks to the 27-inch BenQ SW2700PT, I have managed instantly compare the photos while maintaining visual uniformity. Also because of the excellent IPS panel in all the shots and I have been even able to view them in a proper size and to discover the presence of any defects on the garments.

The finalized images are very accurate in color and detail, which have allowed me to position the flash light and reflectors so that the products and subjects are highlighted at their best.

For the time being, I have entrusted the entire post-production and completion of the images to BenQ SW2700PT, it is an excellent monitor, and in my opinion it is as good as BenQ PG2401PT in performance, but with a larger panel that allows me to fully enjoy the images taken in medium Hasselblad format with 50 megapixels, revealing details and shades with a very accurate dynamic.

SW2700PT and the PG2401PT are already out of the factory with a good performance. As usual I would like to use my hardware calibrator X-Rite i1 to enable the creation of an ICC color profile between my computer and the SW2700PT and after less than thirty minutes of waiting I get a perfect monitor from all points of view that could play 99% of the Adobe RGB color space.

Another key feature of this BenQ monitor is the presence of an anti-reflective shading hood, already integrated in the standard product, which facilitates the work on the monitor by avoiding the external light infiltration or interference with annoying reflections on the screen.

It has a screen brightness standardization system for those who do not appreciate "hot spots” or shadows along the length and width of the screen.

This BenQ monitor is also built-in with a hub that contains two USB 3.0 ports and an SD card reader specifically for photographers, all located on the left side of the monitor in a convenient and easily accessible way.

It is also equipped with all major existing video connections: D-Sub, DVI, HDMI, Display Port and all the respective cables included in the package.

This monitor is therefore considered in line with its smaller brother (smaller only in terms of size), excellent image quality and consistency of the entire panel, both are now inseparable and "accurate adventure companions" in this fantastic world of images.

Photographer Monitor with 27 inch, Adobe RGB |SW2700PT


  • 27 Inch 2560x1440 QHD Resolution
  • 99% Adobe RGB with IPS technology
  • Hardware Calibration with Accurate Colors

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