Review BenQ SW2700PT Best Calibration Monitor for Photo Editing

Neil Snape

Beauty photography, portraits, fine art photography / France

Neil Snape, followed the path from amateur to professional winding up in Paris making advertising and editorial images for luxury goods brands such as Cartier, and Hermès. Technologies another passion that had him consulting with brands concerning digital imagery reproduction contributing to advancements for end users. Today he is concentrating on beauty photography, portraits, and fine art photography, and still consulting on colour management.

BenQ SW2700PT is an excellent monitor. Its quality can definitely compete with other high end monitors, and even outperforms some. The balance between quality and price point are a pro. The shading hood is really professional, there’s calibration software included, and connectivity is excellent.

Photographer Monitor with 27 inch, Adobe RGB |SW2700PT
  • 27 Inch 2560x1440 QHD Resolution
  • 99% Adobe RGB with IPS technology
  • Hardware Calibration with Accurate Colors

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