Photographer Marcelo Isarrualde’s Video Review of the Best QHD Photographer Monitor SW2700PT

Marcelo Isarrualde

Portrait / Spain

Marcelo Isarrualde is a fashion, portrait and architecture photographer from Uruguay. His work is widely seen in photography events, exhibitions and books.

Barcelona based professional portrait photographer Marcelo Isarrualde demonstrates why SW2700PT has been a hot pick among photographers!

You will see how he utilizes SW2700PT to do on-site model shooting, uses the OSD controller to switch different color spaces, and goes through the back-end settings in this video review.

Photographer Monitor with 27 inch, Adobe RGB |SW2700PT
  • 27 Inch 2560x1440 QHD Resolution
  • 99% Adobe RGB with IPS technology
  • Hardware Calibration with Accurate Colors

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