The Perfect Desk Lamp for Dorm Rooms - That Doesn't Sit on a Desk

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For most college students living on campus – desk space is at a premium. This workspace area is where your books and computer are usually located, and often used during the late evening hours. Thus the need for quality lighting to create a good study environment.

But using a typical desk lamp with a computer monitor can be complex. First, monitors and notebook computers take up a lot of desk area. For example, dorm room desk sizes typically ranges from 2 to 3 feet wide – which leaves very little room on the desk for anything besides a 27-inch monitor.

Second, desk lamps need to be set up so they don't cast light onto the screen and create glare. This will make the screen difficult to read, and the glare from the monitor can create eye strain and headaches. This can also reflect back into the room – potentially disturbing your sleeping roommate during a late-night study session.

The Perfect Desk Lamp that Doesn't Sit on a Desk

The BenQ ScreenBar product line utilizes a new breakthrough design that mounts on top of your monitor or notebook and precisely delivers light only to your working area – without hitting your screen. There are three things that make it perfect for a dorm room environment.

No Desk Space Needed

The BenQ ScreenBar uses an innovative weighted clip that rests on top of your monitor to keep your dorm room desk clear of clutter. For power, it simply plugs into your computer’s USB port – keeping your valuable power outlets free for other devices.

Keeps Your Roommate Sleeping

The ScreenBar’s design will light up your desk – not the room. Its precision-controlled LED light keeps light on your desk – and nowhere else to enable a student to continue to work after the lights are out without disturbing their roommates.

Helps Your Eyes Stay Safe

The BenQ ScreenBar will automatically adjust its brightness based on the ambient light in the room, helping avoid eyestrain and headaches that can be associated with poor lighting. Perfect for dorm energy-saving events such as "Do it in the Dark", you can choose nearly any shade of cool or warm white you want to fit your mood during work or play. These settings can also be manually adjusted and the lamp will remember its settings when it is turned on.

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