How to Create a Movie Theater from Room to Room with Projectors


If you decided to go for your first home movie watching projector, there are many things to consider, such as brightness, pixel density, resolution, and color reproduction accuracy. Portability is an aspect that is easily forgotten, but it is essential to keep it in mind.

Projectors that are light and easy to set up can be used in many other ways in addition to watching movies and TV shows. You can move them from room to room or take them outside to your backyard for an impromptu movie night outdoors in summer as well as share life`s memorable moments at your BBQ party. 

Powerful but Easy to Use

To enjoy your favorite movies, TV series, sports, and video games both inside and outside of your house you will need a projector that has great image quality, high brightness, and easy set up.

BenQ home entertainment series projectors have all the benefits of a good projector for the home, especially great quality full HD. Plus, the setup process is easy and straightforward.  

BenQ entertainment projectors can be set up in 5 to 10 minutes, and there are only five steps to start operating them. 

1. Find the Right Spot

First, you have to find a suitable setup location. Depending on the screen size you want and your projector`s throw distance, you can calculate the suitable distance from screen to lens.

Even if you do not have a white wall to project on, you can still make it work. Project on any flat colored surface and use BenQ`s Wall Color Mode to correct the projected image color. 

2. Plug Cables and Turn It On

Once you identified the perfect spot, you need to plug in the projector power cord and the source of content. You might also want to connect your own home stereo system. Then, turn on your projector. 

3. Adjusting Image Height

If space and room décor allow you to align the projector to the center of the screen, then you do not need to worry about adjusting the height of the image.

On the other hand, if you want to project from the floor, a table, or any other available flat surface that is not perfectly aligned with the center of a screen you will need to adjust image height. That's super easy with BenQ entertainment series projectors as they have triple-level adjustable feet that are superior to the feet on most other projectors. Where other brands settle for a maximum two height options, BenQ projectors have three to help make setup anywhere more doable.

4. Correct Projected Image Shape

Once you adjusted the image height, use the keystone to adjust the image shape. It can be done manually by pressing the up and down buttons until the image is squared just right for you. 

To save time and effort, use BenQ's auto keystone adjustment function to automatically correct keystone distortion in the projected image in a matter of seconds.







5. Select Picture Mode

The last step is to choose the picture mode. BenQ projectors have a few predefined picture modes to suit your environment and your content type.

When using a projector outside or in well-lit environments, choose Living Room or Vivid Mode. Cinema Mode speaks for itself and was created to provide the best movie watching experience in dark environments. Alternatively, you could create a custom mode.


Projectors today feature high resolution displays and produce color-accurate images. Lightweight and more portable than TVs, they are very versatile in their application. When choosing a projector for movie watching at home, it is crucial to choose a projector with fast and easy setup. You can quickly move the projector around your house from room to room and even take it outside for the best experience wherever you go. 

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