How Portable Projectors Transform Your Business and Leisure Travel


People always remember to pack essentials like passports and credit cards when they step out to travel, and also bring along smart devices such as phones, tablets, and laptops. Those serve as platforms for work and entertainment while on the road. But not many of us think of light and compact portable projectors as travel companions. Which comes as a surprise, because portable projectors work great for business and pleasure when engaged in travel, transforming any location into a business presentation site and every hotel room wall into a canvass for cinematic experiences.

Since modern portable projectors have long life rechargeable batteries, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, they’re not just small and light to fit easily in any bag, they work great as standalone devices. Unlike casting from a phone to a monitor, portable projectors don’t even need a monitor or a TV. They can just throw images up on a wall or any other convenient surface anywhere. With Wi-Fi, portable projectors get online so you access everything from your corporate videos to Netflix, and Bluetooth allows easy pairing with myriad other devices. As an added bonus, portable projectors like the BenQ GV1 double as Bluetooth speakers if you just want to stream music from Spotify or any other source, or need a speaker during a business meeting. So much utility! 

A business man packing up with a portable projector for travel

Big Picture Presentations Wherever You Go

We’ve all experienced the awkward scramble to connect a laptop or tablet to a meeting or class room screen. None of that with portable projectors that stand on their own and at the press of a button create massive format displays that provide excellent visibility in locations of all sizes.

Whether you’re a creative for an ad agency, a traveling lecturer, or a tech lead conducting training at an overseas site, a portable projector transforms the way you present. No longer restricted to a set image size, just connect your laptop via HDMI (or USB-C where available) to the projector, and voila, you have a 100” or even 200” image for everyone to see in crisp detail. From intimate huddle spaces to lecture halls, a compact portable projector makes a world of difference not just in image size, but simplicity and convenience. You don’t need to fuss over where to place your laptop in relation to a display, because it’s the projector that takes over screen duties, and being portable it can go anywhere. That’s what the portable means, after all.

For a device that fits in your backpack or briefcase, this is efficiency on a different level. If you travel for business, work, or education and present content on a regular basis, a portable projector should join your “to get” list. 

Upscaling the Travel Fun Factor, Hotels to Outdoors

After a long day of presenting, the same portable projector that served you so well in conveying work content then reveals itself as a superb leisure partner. Whether at a hotel or a friend’s place, you now have a way to create cinematic experiences on the go. Good portable projectors bring up large, theater-like images on pretty much any surface. With easy Wi-Fi connections to streaming services or video sources through HDMI, all your favorite movies and TV shows get the big screen treatment wherever you may be. What better way to unwind and prepare for the next day than movie night with a cinematic flair? Sure beats watching a show or film on a small laptop screen or even tinier iPhone or Android phone display.

There’re many other situations where a portable projector proves useful. If your itinerary happens to include comping, then portable projectors work great in the big outdoors. You get hours of battery life on a good portable projector, which more than covers a couple of full length feature films or a TV series binge session. And you can project onto the side of a tent or a van if there’s no screen available. We’re not joking! Try it and you’ll be surprised at how much fun it is. 

Ready to Go

Sure, in terms of resolution and other image parameters portable projectors may not match TVs and monitors, but have you ever tried packing a 65” TV in your suitcase? Or bringing a 32” monitor with you onto a plane? Not fun. For flexible big screen choice and quick setup, portable projectors beat every other format hands down. If you want to present and view content on the road in big style, you know what to do. 


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