How Does BenQ HDRi Increase Your Immersion?


As there’s more and more HDR content available, having an HDR monitor has become increasingly popular. However, not every display can offer satisfactory HDR performance. HDRi, a BenQ proprietary HDR technology, enhances HDR output by fine-tuning settings so that viewers get the best results. Whether gaming or watching movies, a corresponding HDRi mode will offer you an elevated HDR effect and thus vastly greater immersion.

Intelligent Brightness and Contrast Control

In the following section, you will find out why HDRi can offer better visual effects as show in the comparisons below. To start, HDRi is an intelligent technology which greatly enhances HDR clarity, detail, and color display. Its brightness control functions responds to ambient lighting conditions as well as specific content. Viewers can thus have ideal viewing experiences in various situations.

Figure 1: CinemaHDRi offers better contrast and more details.


HDR elevates brightness and refines details. But this may cause overexposure, making images lose the atmosphere intended for immersion. Game HDRi mode strikes a balance between contrast and detail. Gamers can thus maintain gaming visual effects and get more detailed darkened screen areas for deeper immersion. As for Cinema HDRi mode, it improves washed out images and optimizes the overall viewing experience by maintaining both contrast and detail.

Vivid Colors

Besides better contrast and more detail, BenQ HDRi technology also offers more natural colors. This is because the BenQ Color Engine allows each color to be enhanced in saturation and hue. For example, by adjusting colors in a three dimensional fashion, green will become more vivid with enhanced color saturation. With fresher and more brilliant color performance, viewers can have a more impressive viewing experience.

Figure 2: HDRi covers a wider color range thanks to its smart engine. Image for reference only.


Figure 3: Compared to HDR, Game HDRi retains more detail and offers truer game visuals, while Cinema HDRi mode retains the most natural colors.


HDRi emulated: a step closer to total immersion

Figure 4: HDRi Brightness Measurement


The lines representing HDRi and HDRi emulation almost overlap. Using BenQ algorithms, HDRi emulation creates an HDR effect close to HDRi, augmenting non-HDR content with an emulated HDRi effect.

With BenQ’s proprietary HDRi technology, different types of users can always have their customized visual experiences with deep immersion. Be immersed in the visual worlds HDRi brings to you.

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